Prayers and Mantras for this Difficult and Frightening Time

Thangtong Gyalpo

Dear Heart Sangha and Friends,

I want to share these prayers and mantras for this difficult and frightening time that the whole world is experiencing.

According to the truth of karma, Coronavirus is a reflection of our group karma and interdependence. The virus is also a symptom of the degenerate times that Padmasambhava predicted. He said that during our present time, all five elements will be out of balance and new diseases will appear. This has obviously come to pass.

To heal and protect, we must practice and say prayers and mantras with faith that comes from the marrow of our bones.This is not only for ourselves, but to help heal and protect our loved ones.

These mantras and prayers work on many levels. In addition to their intrinsic power to protect and heal, having faith in them will decrease our fear and anxiety. Decreasing our fear and anxiety also keeps us healthier, and we can then share our lighter energy with all beings – during and after our practice.

Of course, we must also take external precautions and follow official health guidelines. Until we are fully enlightened beings we are influenced by the relative, material world. However, it is not all or nothing – and as Buddhists we must also believe and have faith in the power of enlightened energy and our own innate Buddha nature, which always has the power to heal and protect.

Here are four simple but powerful prayers and mantras for protection and healing. Download link : ~

The first is the Vajra Armor mantra. This mantra, with or without visualization, is so powerful that simply saying it out loud with deep faith can help protect and heal ourselves and loved ones we focus on.

The second is a powerful protection mantra from Dudjom Lingpa, which is especially meant for preventing contagious diseases.

The third is a two-line Tara Prayer, that encompasses all Tara Practices and is extremely helpful for everyone, especially in quelling all kinds of fear.

The fourth is a beautiful prayer that HH Dudjom Rinpoche wrote while in America. This Prayer for the People of the Earth truly has great power to protect, and reminds us that we are all connected. These holy words can awaken our profound compassion for all suffering people, which we often bury deep within ourselves, keeping us from our own enlightened, healing nature. 

We can also share this sublime prayer with our loved ones, who may feel moved to recite it themselves. As practitioners, we can visualize Guru Rinpoche, remember our kind lamas and pray from our hearts.

With much love,
Lama Sonam
For the Vajrayana Foundation 

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The Sacred Vajra Speech of Mahasiddha Thangtong Gyalpo
This version was published by Lama Sonam Rinpoche ~ Download link: