Troma Ngondro Teaching Link

YouTube streaming link is now available! Bookmark the link and save the date OCTOBER 4th @ 5pm Pacific.

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Remember to bring your text!

October 2023 Ngondro Schedule

October is a special month for seasoned Dudjom Ngondro Practitioners or for those of you who are beginning Dudjom Ngondro Practice and looking for support for your Ngondro Practice, and who want to experience the
Vajrayana Foundation Dudjom Ngondro Program.
All October Scheduled Events are FREE and OPEN TO ALL!!!
Teachings will be in the Tibetan Language with English
translation by Lotsawa Cy Cassoff

October 4th, 2023 @ 5pm
with Tulku Thadral Rinpoche

By the request from Troma Ngondro Practitioners, Tulku Thadral Rinpoche has accepted to give Troma Ngondro Teachings from The Recitation of the Profound Preliminary Practice of Cutting through Demons  Adapted from the main instruction Manual . Rinpoche has suggested that all participants  attending by live stream or in person at Pema Osel Ling to please bring  your text *.  This will be the first teaching of  the monthly Troma Ngondro Teaching Series and will be complimentary.  Thereafter, you will need to register to attend by livestream or in person. No one will be turned away for lack of funds. 

Streaming link to follow soon.
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*Troma Ngondro Text 

Acquire complimentary copy from the website of
Dudjom Rinpoche III Sangye Pema Shepa
Dudjom International Foundation