About the Ngondro Program

The Ngondro is a preliminary practice for students who want to enter the path of Vajrayana Buddhism as an in-depth practitioner, with the goal of ultimately attaining Buddhahood. When we seek out a path of spirituality we come for many different reasons. Sometimes we want to look for solutions to temporarily relieve our difficult circumstances, or look for some kind of inner peace, or a way to live a better life, or to have more compassion. The Ngondro is an extremely profound method for transforming our life using wisdom and compassion.

Ngondro provides a spiritual foundation by which we can refine our body, speech, and mind in order to become a suitable vessel to receive the deeper teachings of the entire path of Vajrayana Buddhism. This practice brings compassion, builds integrity and perseverance, through which one will gain confidence and clarity through progressing along the path. The Dudjom Tersar Ngondro Program at the Vajrayana Foundation is a global program designed to be accessible through the Internet. It is designed to introduce you to the practice and support you as you work toward the accomplishment of your practice. The program provides online video teachings by accomplished Lamas, readings and discussions, and a mentor to support and personally guide you.

Ngöndro Program participants will receive a 10% discount to attend the Ngöndro retreat, but not other retreats at Pema Ösel Ling, however as a member (1) of the Vajrayana Foundation, you do receive 10% discount on retreats and for purchases made at the Dharma Treasures Bookstore.

(1) Vajrayana Foundation Membership Information