Group Ngondro Accumulation Tonight Jan 22 @5:30 pm Pacific

Join Drubpon Pema Rigdzin as he guides you through the stages of the Concise Dudjom Tersar Ngondro from the Four Thoughts that Turn the Mind toward the Dharma to Phowa and Dedication of Merit.

☀️ (Readonline) Concluding Prayers: <Longchenpa’s Aspiration Page 31> 
<Prayer for Peoples of the Earth Page 33> <Dedication of Merit Page 37> 

OR Download text: ☀️ Dudjom Tersar Concise Ngondro Text

What to bring to the 
Livestream Group Accumulation Session: 

Dudjom Tersar Concise Ngondro Text
Accomplishing Mandala Pan

Prostration board and oven mitts or furniture sliders

This webcast is open to the participants of the
Dudjom Tersar Ngondro Program of the Vajrayana Foundation only.

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Practicing the Sacred Dharma

Listen! While practicing the sacred Dharma, Determination, renunciation, and faith Are indispensable: Single-mindedly foster them. Samsara and enlightenment’s emptiness is the view; Natural, uncontrived abiding within it is meditation. Conduct’s key is for your body, speech, and mind’s acts to accord with the Dharma. Keep these words in your heart!

I, with the title Dudjom Tulku, wrote this so as not to refuse your request.

Dudjom Quotes

“Mind resting in mind is known as abiding.

Leave the mind like this, a clear lake.”

The Play of Thoughts ~ Dudjom Rinpoche 1976