We are offer the Ngondro Program on a sliding scale from $22 to $60 per month, according to an individual’s ability to pay. We are leaving the decision up to participants to determine what will work for them. We want to make this program available to anyone interested, and are trying to keep the charge as low as possible, with the thought that individuals with more fortunate circumstances will be able to contribute at a rate higher than the minimum. All funds raised from the Program cover the Program’s expenses, such as offerings to the lamas, monthly video online conferencing services, office and bookkeeping support, etc.

Method of Payment

  • Credit card on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis
  • PayPal
  • Mail in check

For people with special financial circumstances, please contact our Program Coordinator.

Ngondro Program participants will receive a 10% discount to attend the Annual Spring Ngondro Retreat only. which is a separate fee and not included in the Vajrayana Foundation’s Ngondro Program fee, however, members (1) of the Vajrayana Foundation receive 10% discount on all retreats and on purchases made at Dharma Treasures Bookstore.

(1)   Information Link about the Vajrayana Foundation Membership