Vase Empowerment of Enlightened Body


The sign that the vase empowerment of enlightened body struck one’s body is that attachment to the place of one’s country, one’s own body, belongings, loved ones, and all reality passions is cleansed, and the reality passion of desire is purified. The sign of this is that the mind that grasps at the internal body’s earth element of flesh and water element of blood as substances or as characterized by reality is purified. From that power, fixation to the external reality of the objects of grasping of the outer elements of earth and water is being purified. Gradually, when all outer and inner elements of earth and water become purer and purer, lighter and lighter, it is a sign of becoming close to approaching indivisible purity. When the power of grasping at the gross elements of the body, which causes pain and illness, becomes less and less, the sign that one is close to having the profound, immaculate knowing of prajna eyes is that one can see forms that are a long distance away as though they are close. The experience of bliss within the body increases. Then one meditates on this appearance of the empty bliss of Nirmanakaya on the path without attachment.

The result is as said by Indrabodhi:
“Great exaltation is not mortal. Great exaltation is always immortal.”

Also, from Gyutrul Thalwa:
“The nature of great bliss Is not substantial and not insubstantial.
It cannot even be imagined to be in the center.
It is said to be the mudra of great bliss.”

Thus it is said. The naturally immaterial enlightened body of the appearance of great bliss, in which all flaws are completely exhausted, which is the result of the state of Nirmanakaya, will occur.

Norbu Rinpoche, Thinley
A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar
Shambhala Publications. Kindle Edition
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