Manifestation of Spontaneous Presence


The manifestation of spontaneous presence of the appearance of the basis is not recognized, this becomes the origin of the descent into the interdependence of samsara. The empty essence of one’s mind is Dharmakaya; the natural radiance is Sambhogakaya; and the all-pervasive quality of compassion is Nirmanakaya. By not recognizing one’s Three Kaya nature that abides as the basis, this nature becomes dormant. By becoming ignorant of the manifestations of the Three Kayas, the root of all passions, the three poisons arise. As these three increase, the skandhas, elements, sense sources, and so on, and all phenomena of the outer universe and inner essence of beings of cyclic existence appear. By the power of practicing on the path, all these appearances transform into the qualities of the path of the Three Kayas. The sign of this is the arising of the experiences of bliss, clarity, and nonconceptuality. These three experiences indicate the reversal of cyclic existence and the ascent to the Three Kayas

A Cascading Waterfalls of Nectar
Thinley Norbu ~ Shambhala 2006
Photo Source: Instagram
H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche with Terton Pegyal Lingpa

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