Vajrayana Foundation Losar Activities and Offerings

Lake Born Vajra Tsokye Thuk Thik Thangka
Source: Dudjom Fachang

Dear Dharma Friends,

As you may know, Vajrayana Foundation has cancelled the Annual Vajrakilaya Gutor Losar Retreat this year out of overwhelming sadness and respect for our Lord of Refuge Dudjom Sangye Pema Shepa Rinpoche’s Maha Parinirvana. We are using this time to do Vajrasattva Dorsem Lama Chopa  practice and receive the blessings of Rinpoche’s wisdom mind.

Source: Dudjom International Foundation
Treasure Vases receiving blessings of practice will be consecrated with Khandro Norlha Puja 📸Sonam Famarin

We will not have a party on Losar Day (March 3 year of the Water Tiger), but we will do Tsokye T’huk T’hik and Orgyen Khandro Norlha pujas as we do each year. We will do this in order to connect to the transcendent energy of these profound Dudjom Tersar practices, for which Rinpoche most kindly gave us empowerments in 2018.

We will also be raising Dudjom prayer flags, as we do every year. During this tragic time for so many, it is even more important to raise life force (lung-ta) and to accumulate virtue for everyone living, for those who have passed, for those beings suffering in every realm, and for practitioners, to purify our path so we can know the true meaning of meditation. Raise Dudjom Prayer Flags

Dudjom prayer flags border Lama Tharchin’s Memorial Stupa 📸 Sonam Famarin
We will raise the flags with heartfelt aspirations and dedications for the long life of our lamas and for our lamas’ swift rebirths, especially that of our Lord Protector, Kyabje Dudjom Sangye Pema Shepa Rinpoche .

Flags are traditionally raised on Losar Day, but this year we will raise them on Tuesday, March 8. Tuesdays are Kyabje Dudjom Rinpoche Sangye Pema Shepa’s la-za, the day of the week recognized as a special connection to his elemental energy. This is for us to remember his most precious life force that we were so privileged to share, and to make aspirations that he returns to us very soon.

With love, Lama Sonam
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