The Miraculous Deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni ~ Day 3 Miracle 3

The Miraculous Deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni
Chotrul Duchen Buddha’s Great Miracles

Day Three ~ Miracle Three

On the third day King Shun Tsin of War made offerings to the Tathagata. After eating, Buddha rinsed his mouth with water. On the ground where the water fell, a great lake formed which extended for three hundred kilometres. The water had eight tastes, and the bottom of the lake was covered with seven kinds of jewels. Great quantities of lotus flowers of every colour grew on its surface, and their fragrance filled the air; by the rays of light extending from them in all directions, the people could see everywhere. When the people saw this, they were very happy, and when Buddha taught, some attained arhatship, some increased their bodhimind, and many others attained the seeds of rebirth in the worlds of humans or gods.