Happy Chotrul Duchen

15 Miracles of Buddha Shakyamuni Thangka

One of the most holy days in the Buddhist calendar is Chotrul Duchen, which occurs on first full moon (this year, 2023 is March 7th), of the Tibetan new year, and celebrates the fifteen Days of Miracles when Buddha Shakyamuni displayed different miracles to inspire disciples to practice the Dharma and achieve enlightenment. At Pema Osel Ling, we will light butter lamps, offer tsok, and do Buddha Puja each morning of the new year Year of the Water Rabbit in celebration and culminates on the full moon.

During these fifteen days of miracles all karmic results ~ good and bad ~ are considered to be multiplied by millions. Advice for this time is to make butterlamp offerings, sponsor tsok or puja, make offerings to virtuous activities such as the Red Dorje Drolo Mandala Project. Follow this link to make offerings~~~> https://www.vajrayana.org/pema-osel-ling-offerings/

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The Miraculous Deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni Day 15 Miracle 15

The Miraculous Deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni
Chotrul Duchen Buddha’s Great Miracles


Day Fifteen ~ Miracle Fifteen

On the fifteenth and final day of the spring celebration, King Bimbisara brought gifts to Buddha. Buddha then told King Bimbisara to bring vessels for food and the vessels were miraculously filled with foods of a hundred different tastes. When the assembly ate them, their bodies and minds were completely satisfied. Buddha asked them, “Why is there such immeasurable misery in the world?”

By his blessing, even the eighteen kinds of demons realized that their misery was caused by deeds they had done themselves. They felt great faith in Buddha. As on all the previous days, those assembled attained great advancement. Some increased their bodhi-mind, some attained arhatship, some attained the stage of nonreturning, many attained the seeds of rebirth as humans or gods and countless others increased their virtue.


The Miraculous Deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni Day 14 Miracle 14

The Miraculous Deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni
Chotrul Duchen Buddha’s Great Miracles

Day Fourteen ~ Miracle Fourteen

On the fourteenth day King Udrayana made offerings to Buddha. He strewed flowers in front of Buddha, and they changed into twelve hundred and fifty carriages made of precious jewels. Buddha taught the Dharma to beings throughout the worlds as a doctor healed the sick.