The Miraculous Deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni ~ Day 1 Miracle 1

The Miraculous Deeds of Buddha Shakyamuni
Chotrul Duchen Buddha’s Great Miracles

Day One ~ Miracle One

On the first day of spring, Buddha went to the field that had been prepared for him and sat upon the lion throne before the multitude. After King Prasenajit’s great offerings, the Tathagata took a toothpick and placed it in the ground. It grew at once into a marvellous tree. On its branches, which extended for kilometres, grew beautiful leaves, flowers, fruit, and jewels of every kind. The multi-coloured light emanating from the jewels was as brilliant as the light of the sun and moon combined. When the branches of the tree rustled in the wind, the sounds of the teaching were heard. Then Buddha himself spoke to the multitude. Many of the people listening progressed greatly – some attained arhatship and millions ripened the seeds for rebirth in the high states of humans or gods.