Bodhichitta means to help and benefit others.

Sangye Pema Shepa, Dudjom Rinpoche III

“Bodhichitta means to help and benefit others.  It means to refrain from harming anyone or anything.  It means to be free from fighting, discord, evil thinking, arguing, and disturbing others.  If these things are present, it means it isn’t Dharma. It isn’t Buddhist Dharma. The Buddhist tradition involves refraining from all harm and striving to benefit others.  And this does not mean benefit for just one single lifetime – it is a vision of benefiting others throughout countless lifetimes. From one birth to the next, from one lifetime to the next, the view of benefiting others and establishing them in permanent happiness is carried forth.  This is held as the basis for all actions according to our Buddhist tradition.”

~ H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche III  Sangye Pema Shepa