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Vajra Naljorma

In the actual practice of Lama’i Naljor, one visualizes oneself as Dorje Naljorma and the Lama as Guru Rinpoche in space in front of oneself. First, as it is said in the tantras, the meaning of Dorje Naljorma is:

Vajra is the nature of emptiness.

Thus it is said. Also, it says in the Prajnaparamita:

The perfection of knowledge is free from speech, thought,
or expression, unborn, unceasing, like the essential
nature of sky. Only the wisdom of discerning
self-awareness sustains this.

Homage to the mother of all the Victorious Ones of the three times.
Thus, just as said in many of the profound categories of Sutra and Tantra, the Dharmakaya wisdom Dakini is the absolute vajra space of emptiness, the mother of the expanse of all Buddhas of the three times. Natural unobstructed clarity is the spontaneous presence of the qualities of Sambhogakaya as the completely enlightened body of the five families of Vajra Varahi. Pervading throughout immeasurable purelands, sustaining in sky, they are the five consorts of the space of Akanishtha. From this state, manifesting in holy places and sacred lands according to the appearances of the objects to be subdued, there are Dakinis born from the lineage of Vajrayana teachings, Dakinis born from holy places, Dakinis born with inherent wisdom Dakini qualities blossoming, and others. They are the inconceivable emanations radiating from the Nirmanakaya Vajrayogini with serene, desirable, and wrathful aspects, accomplishing the purpose of sentient beings.

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