Dudjom Incarnations

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Dudjom Incarnation Key: Compliments of Shambhala Publications

The Dudjom Incarnation Line is based on a prayer Dudjom Rinpoche wrote himself, which lists his previous incarnations. This prayer is called A Chariot of Devotion, A Supplication to the Lives and Liberation of the Great Nirmanakaya Treasure Revealer Heruka Dudjom Lingpa.

  • Yogi Nuden Dorje Chang
  • Shariputra
  • Saraha
  • Krishnadhara: chief minister of Indrabhuti of Uddiyana
  • Humkara
  • Khye’u Chung Lotsawa
  • Smritijnana
  • Rongdzom Pandita Chokyi Zangpo (1012-1088)
  • Dampa Deshek (1122-1192)
  • Palden Ling Je Repa
  • Sakya Trizin Chogyal Phakpa (1235-1280)
  • Drum Khar Nagpopa: 
  • Hewa Chojung: Khampa 
  • Traktung Dudul Dorje (1615-1672)
  • Katok Gyalse Sönam Deutsen (1679-1723)
  • Dudul Rolpa Tsal: yogin, teacher of Jikme Lingpa
  • Dudjom Lingpa (1835-1904)
  • Dudjom Rinpoche (1904-1987)

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