“The seed syllable HUNG is the sound of the inexpressible true nature of dharmata, the nature of reality. The character itself consists of five parts: the tigle (circle) at the top symbolizes Dharmadatu Wisdom. The da-tse (crescent moon underneath) represents Mirror-Like Wisdom. The HA letter represents Equanimity Wisdom. The Ah-chung underneath the HA represents Discerning Wisdom. The shab-kyu (represents All-Accomplishing Wisdom. These five also correspond similarly to the Five Buddha families and accomplish the five activities (Pacifying, Enriching, Magnetizing, Wrathful and Supreme). Different colored HUNG’s correspond to particular deities. For instance, a red HUNG is the heart – essence seed syllable of Guru Dorje Drollod, A blue HUNG is the heart – essence of seed syllable of Vajrakilaya, Thoma Nagmo and others. There is inconceivable benefit to merely keeping this seed –syllable in your home as it is the support of all Buddhas’ body, speech and mind qualities and activates.” ~ Lama Tharchin Rinpoche