Three Sacred Elements

Talk given by Chowang Rinpoche during the 1998 Troma Retreat at Pema Osel Ling

There are three sacred elements that should be brought to any virtuous action.

Sacred Intention: The smallest of acts should be dedicated to the alleviation for suffering of sentient beings, including our parents, children, brothers, and sisters, who continue to experience birth, aging, sickness, and death in the wheel of samsara. Recollecting our love for them and remembering their suffering dedicate all we will undertake to do for the benefit of all beings ~ “may the benefit of this virtuous act help all sentient beings to realize their true nature and free them from their suffering.” Even though there are not really any existent beings, their experience is one of suffering and not exaltation; may all realize enlightenment.

Sacred Non-Referentiality: Maintain awareness in all your actions. There is no substantial reference point anywhere. There is only dharmakaya reality, and all that arises have no real substance but is just a dream that will fade. In any act of generosity maintain this attitude. This kind of generosity in which there is no giver, no giving and no receiver is the generosity of transcendent perfection. Bring this sacred attitude of knowledge of the insubstantiality of all phenomena to all acts of virtue.