Don’t forget: Tally your numbers!

Here is today’ s (October 27th) webcast Group Ngondro Accumulation totals:

  • Prostrations 30
  • Mandala Offering 30
  • Vajrasattva 45
  • Guru Yoga 324 ( 3 mala rounds)

We closed with a reading from “The Hundred Verses of Advice” Dilgo Khentse and Padama Sangye, translated by Padmakara Translation Group and published by Shambhala. Verse # 52

In a state without thoughts, without distraction abandon the watcher,
People of Tingri, the meditation is free of any torpor or excitement.
When your mind remains in pure awareness, with no thought of past or future, without being attracted by external objects or occupied by mental constructions, it will be in a state of primordial simplicity.
In that state, there is no need for the iron hand of forced vigilance to immobilize your thoughts. As it is said, “Buddhahood is the natural simplicity of the mind.”
Once you· have recognized that simplicity, you need to maintain that recognition with effortless presence of mind. Then you will experience an inner freedom in which there is no need to block the arising of thoughts, or fear that they will spoil your meditation.

Here is the link for “A Teaching of the Four Empowerments” by Lama Tharchin Rinpoche which we posted in 2015 which Regina mentioned during the Q & A.

See you all in November! Again here are the Webcast dates:
“Why Do We Do Ngondro?” NOVEMBER 14th @ 5:30pm PST with Regina/Stefan
Group Ngondro Accumulation Session NOVEMBER 18th @ 2pm PST

AND if you have not voted for December Webcast Dates, please do it today. We will announce the December dates in November. 

Thuk Dam Phel!
(May your practice increase!)