Vajrasattva Mantra English Translation

OM (the supreme mantra, most excellent praise)
the tantric vowof Vajrasattva.

O Vajrasattva, grant me your protection.
Abide firmly in me.

Make me totally satisfied. Increase perfectly within me.
Please hold me with your compassion.
By your blessing, bestow the attainments on me.
Also, may I attain the power of all activities.
Make my mind virtuous.
HUNG (the essence of the wisdom heart)
(represent the four boundless wishes of bodhicitta,
the four joys, the four empowerments, and the four kayas)

HO (is the exclamation of joy)
Victorious One who embodies all the Tathaga
may Vajrasattva never abandon me.
I pray, please make me a vajraholder.
O great precept deity.
AH (is to unite inseparably).
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