Generate compassion and the mind of awakening

Incomparable Lama, at your feet I pay homage.

Listen, fortunate one. Now that your spiritual connection has been forged, achieve your eternal goals. Strive on the sole path of all the victorious ones’ heirs:  Generate compassion and the mind of awakening.

The view is the great emptiness of samsara and enlightenment, concluding that your own awareness, the unformulated dharmakaya, is the sovereign view.
Meditation is to settle unconcerned within unfabricated present awareness, unfettered by grasping.
Take as the supreme kind of conduct not to fall under the negative influence of carelessness, but to have your acts accord with the Dharma.

Be diligent in undistracted practice.

I, a crazy, ragged tulku, wrote this spontaneously in response to Norbu Gyatso’s request.


Dudjom Rinpoche
Wisdom Nectar Dudjom Rinpoché’s Heart Advice
The Tsadra Foundation Series
published by Snow Lion Publications
Copyright © 2005 Tsadra Foundation

Photographer:  Unknown