what is the point in obtaining this human body . . .

If you are wondering what is the point in obtaining this human body that is so hard to find, the benefits of doing so are enormous. Not only is one easily able, temporarily, to accomplish all the happiness and perfections of the higher realms, but one can also accomplish the nirvana of the lower vehicles and unsurpassable enlightenment as well. 

Without obtaining a human body, there is no way one can achieve any kind of happiness in cyclic existence, let alone accomplish liberation. But by starting from the most insignificant positive actions and devoting one’s efforts exclusively to the sublime Dharma, one obtains the manifold perfect qualities of higher rebirth and ultimate excellence.

As it says in the Jewel Garland,

If you constantly practice the Dharma,
You will make the whole world
And yourself happy,
And this will be all to the good.

With the Dharma you will always fall asleep happy
And wake up happy.
Inwardly you will be without fault, and so
Even in your dreams you will see virtue.

By wholeheartedly respecting your parents,
Venerating the head of the lineage,
Putting your wealth to good use, being patient, giving generously,
Speaking gently, avoiding slander, and telling the truth —

Observing these for one lifetime,
You will reach the level of Indra
And be Indra again and again.
Bit by bit you will accomplish Buddhahood.

And in the Sutra of the Arborescent Array we read:

Child of good family, whoever has the freedoms and advantages, on him will also fall the great and abundant rain of the Buddha’s teaching, and he will acquire infinite other benefits.

 Dudjom Rinpoche
Torch Lighting the Way to Freedom
Shambhala Publications
Photographer: unknown


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