Supplication Based on Dudjom Rinpoche’s Names

This supplication is based upon my, Dudjom Tulku’s, series of names.

When the sense faculties of your karmic body of habitual tendencies cultivated from the very beginning, first awoke, Lopon Ngak Chang, learned in the tantric activities, gave you the name Nyima Gyaltsen. To you I pray.

A dakini told your venerable father, member of the aristocracy, Jampal Norbu, a son greater than his father will appear known by the name foretold before your birth, Yeshe Dorje. To you I pray.

In Godavari, the ultimate secret place of deathlessness, Lotus-Born’s regent, Namkhe Naljor gave you the crown of an empowerment name, Jigdral Dechen Dorje Drakpo. To you I pray.

When you trained on the path of the conventional sciences under the foremost among the learned, noble, and excellent, the the supreme lord scholar called you the youth that delights Lotus-Born, Tsojung Gyepe Ngonme Dawa Sarpa. To you I pray.

The epitome of compassion, called Manju, conferred upon your mind the layman’s vows of individual liberation. At the completion of the ceremony, you were renowned as Gyurme Delek Chokle Nampar Gyalwa. To you I pray.

With the great bodhisattva, Ngawang Palden, you donned the armor of the supreme mind of awakening. At that time he named you Gyalse Lodro Drime Pende Dawa Osel Palbar. To you I pray.

Kind lord of the family, Ngedon Wangpo, had you enter Vajrayana’s great mandala. At the time of the empowerment as a close son, you were known as Dorje Du Tsal. To you I pray.

King and supreme guide, lord of the Dharma, Trulzhik [Rinpoche] had you gradually enter the pith instructions of the innermost secret heart essence. When he entrusted you with the oral transmission lineage, he called you Yanpa Lode. To you I pray.

Lotus Skull-garlanded Adept (Pema Totreng Tsal) with consort [Yeshe Tsogyal], who embodies all Buddha families, confirmed you as the great secret path’s charioteer. Through his prophecy, aspiration, and great name, extolling you as Drodul Lingpa. To you, I pray.

One bad person can possess many excellent names, yet whatever you call him, he’s still a vile old man. If I pray to you without hypocrisy, bless me that I accomplish your life story of liberation!

I, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje, wrote this in response to the faithful Tendzin Chopel’s request,
“You must definitely write verses of supplication to your entire series of names as a support for my faith.”

Dudjom Rinpoche
Wisdom Nectar Dudjom Rinpoché’s Heart Advice
The Tsadra Foundation Series
published by Snow Lion Publications
Copyright © 2005 Tsadra Foundation

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