Your Present Naked Awareness

How amazing!  Your present, naked awareness-unspoiled. Unspoiled by thoughts of past, present, or future, not fettered by mind grasping to so-called “meditation” nor falling into a pervasive blankness of so-called “non-meditation”.  The natural state nakedly sustained is the practice of Great Perfection. Regardless of what thoughts arise during that practice, to reject negative ones or foster positive ones is unnecessary. Mere recognition liberates them in their own ground. Take this liberation upon arising as the path’s key point. Destroy whatever meditative experiences arise, and relax. A tantric practitioner without fixation is deeply content. You’ve reached your goal of contentment right now. What is the use of numerous enumerations of Buddha’s teachings when you discover Buddha Kuntuzangpo within yourself?  Keep the meaning of these words close to your heart.

I, Jigdral Yeshe Dorje spoke this to refresh Mahasukha’s memory.

Dudjom Rinpoche
Wisdom Nectar Dudjom Rinpoché’s Heart Advice
The Tsadra Foundation Series
published by Snow Lion Publications
Copyright © 2005 Tsadra Foundation

Photographer:  Unknown

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