A Spontaneous Song of the Original State

A Prayer Calling the Master from Afar

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Essence of awareness, changeless from the beginning, your fundamental nature free from elaboration
Abides as primordial purity, inner clarity, the youthful vase body.
Yeshé Dorjé, dharmakaya master, think of me;
Grant me your blessings that I gain great confidence in the view, I pray.

The nature of awareness, your unobstructed, integral union, an assemblage of light,
Abides as your display, the spontaneously present five certainties.
Déchen Dorjé, sambhogakaya master, think of me;
Grant me your blessings that I bring meditation’s great display to completion.

Compassionate qualities, your impartial wisdom free from extremes
Abides in the naked essence of pervasive empty awareness.
Drodül Lingpa, nirmanakaya master, think of me;
Grant me your blessings that I accomplish the enhancement of conduct.

In the original ground of one’s own awareness there is no movement or change.
Whatever arises is dharmakaya’s display, neither good nor bad.
Since my present awareness is the actual Buddha,
I have discovered the open relaxed master in the center of my heart.

Now that I realize that my original mind has the nature of my Lama,
I have no need for painful contrived prayers made with grasping attachment.
I relax freely in the natural settled state, uncontrived awareness,
And receive the blessings of the self-liberation of whatever arises, without fixation.

Activity will never accomplish enlightenment.
My analytic, mentally created meditation is a tricky enemy.
Now, with a madman’s abandon, I let my worldview collapse;
I will spend this human life within the nature of uninhibited naked rest.

Happy in whatever I do, a practitioner of the Great Perfection,
Joyful in any company, Lotus-Born’s descendant,
My lord protector, you are unrivaled, a great master treasure-revealer.
These teachings are matchless, the heart essence of the dakinis.

My heart’s gloom, great delusion, has lifted from where it lay
And clear light’s encompassing sun shines and never sets.
This, my good fortune, comes from your kindness, Lama, my true father.
Your kindness is unrepayable. Master, I turn my thoughts to you.

In response to my foremost vajra disciple Tulku Jigmé Chöying Norbu Tamché Drubpé Dé.
I, Jigdral Yeshé Dorjé, spoke this nonsense. May it prove virtuous!

Dudjom Rinpoche
Wisdom Nectar Dudjom Rinpoché’s Heart Advice
The Tsadra Foundation Series
published by Snow Lion Publications
Copyright © 2005 Tsadra Foundation
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