Results of Guru Yoga


There is no way to realize the true nature of mind through analyzing or intellectualizing. This is the same as trying to get butter by results churning water. The realization of ultimate truth is not intellectual, nor is it related to dualistic mind. By practicing Guru Yoga purely, without doubt, recognition of your Wisdom Mind will dawn. First, see the Guru as a Buddha and then feel the energy of Wisdom Mind. Second, see the Guru as Buddha, the feeling begins to grow. Then through the power of the Guru’s blessings, you too become a Buddha.

Have pure faith, devotion and confidence in this as a practice. This means, genuinely feeling the Guru’s inconceivable qualities of kindness and wisdom. Direct instructions from the Guru can reveal your own Buddha nature which has been obscured in samsara for countless lifetimes. Open your heart and trust in this. Thinking of the Guru’s qualities, how amazing and extraordinarily fortunate you are to have met a teacher like this, you may feel the hair on your body stand up or you may cry without control. Experiences will arise and suddenly your mind will change to pure Awareness. All normal phenomena will cease. Mediation experiences will arise effortlessly and spontaneously. When practicing, do not mouth the words mindlessly or without feeling, but generate devotion, the heart essence of Guru Yoga.

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

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