accomplish enlightenment


To accomplish enlightenment during your lifetime Lama, Buddha Vajradhara incarnate, to you I pay sincere homage: Grant me your blessings!

To accomplish enlightenment during your lifetime, pray to your Lama with devotion, have love, affection, and veneration for tantric companions.

Inspire yourself with compassion and the mind of awakening toward beings and with renunciation and the contemplation of impermanence.

Exert yourself without distraction in spiritual practice!

The view is samsara and enlightenment’s all-pervasive evenness.

Meditation is to settle within it, in the uncontrived natural state.

Conduct is to live free of activity and effort.

Take these words as the essential keys to practice. The result will awaken within you.

I, by the name of Jnana, wrote this in response to Gyurme Wangchuk’s request.