Advice on what to do for contradictory instruction from different teachers

Today at 1 pm PST
with Lama Sonam Rinpoche
Advice on what to do for contradictory instruction
from different teachers

What to do after you log on:

  • Test your speaker and your mic using the Zoom Dashboard. Often time participants cannot hear, and it may turn out that they didn’t test their speaker or adjust the Zoom volume beforehand.
  • Mute your mic and keep it muted during the webcast for better reception.
  • Use the CHAT if you need assistance during the webcast. You will be helped ASAP.
  • We have a very wet and rainy day up here in the Santa Cruz Mountains, which may interfere with the satellite signal. If the webcast should drop, just hang on, do nothing to try to connect, the Zoom platform will automatically reconnect us.

    Thank you for joining this World Wide Webcast with Lama Sonam Rinpoche. We have participants from Asia: Buthan, India, Europe, Ivory Coast, Australia, South America, and of course North America.  We appreciate you rising as early as 3 am to join in.

    Stefan Graves and Regina deCosse Ngondro Program Co-Ordinators

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