The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī Chapter 7/2 final

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The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī revealed by Dudjom Lingpa

Due to the length of the text, we will post each day with the final part posting on Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday, July 9th, which is the 10th Tibetan Day of the lunar calendar.Translated by Nick Schmidt, with the assistance of Samten, Stefan Mang, Ben Ewing, Lowell Cook, and Jordi Roig, 2017. Edited by Libby Hogg and Susanne Fairclough, 2018.


“Now, I must again go to Taktsang Sengphuk.
After a while spent there,
I will return to a few places in Tibet, to practice.”

At that, the Emperor, ministers, and subjects
Decided they would rather not remain in Tibet,
But would return, dejected, to their own lands.

Then the Dharma King Trisong Detsen said,
“When will come time for the rediscovery of your life-story
And this secret Heart-Drop of the Ḍākinī?[210]
Who will the treasure-revealer be?
What will be the joys and concerns of that time?
What will people be like at that time?
Precious Orgyen, I pray you tell us!”

And in response, precious Orgyen said,
“Listen, sovereign of Tibet, Dharma King!
All existent teachings of sūtra and mantra
Are contained within my teachings.

“Although Tibet lies within my field of influence,
There are savage creatures who transgress the oaths
Who encounter adversity through contradicting the teacher and teachings.
In this region I have given instructions, empowerments, transmissions, and treasures.

“The common blessings of the teachings will decline if the lineage is broken.
Therefore, the treasure-revealers, my emanations,
Will occasionally appear as ngakpas, sometimes as householders,
And some will appear as women.

“When those with pure vision receive empowerments, transmissions,
And instructions of this close lineage, they will be able to reverse the negative karma of guile and conflict,
And the first of one hundred treasure-revealers,
Named Sangyé Lama will appear.[211]
Thereafter, the hundred main treasure-revealers will come in succession.

“In the meantime, some revealers will train disciples.
Sometimes temporary situations of conflict will be quelled.
At the end of the five hundred years of degeneration,
In Nālandā monastery,
The mistaken aspiration of Geshé Pelseng will ripen.[212]
And the spread of the non-Buddhist barbarians will be reversed twice.

“They will collapse, but, among the embers in Bu, some will still propitiate
the spirit Hanuman.[213]
By the strength of combining substances, mantra, and samādhi,
Many new practices will flourish.

“These will spread by the strength of perverted aspirations of the present.
Monkey-headed th’eurang ministers,
And shangpo ministers with various types of heads[214]
Will fight and repeatedly raise obstacles,
All as assisted by Hanuman.

“The minds of all humans will be easily turned against the dharma.
Unsatisfied by the riches they have,
They will turn to theft and banditry.
Families will fight, and unhappiness will follow.

“At that time, by the power of substances blessed by the perverted ones,
The sky will be the colour of blood for eighteen months.
The eight planets will align, and Ketu will be ascendant.[215]

“At that time, beings will be beset by attachment
Because their strong desire to unite with lovers will have no cure.
Treasure-revealers with no treasure to show will cover the earth;
Few who even have practiced for one year will be seen.

“All of the great treasure-revealers, my emanations,
Will protect all beings, supreme and inferior,
Showing them the path of liberation and connecting them with it.

“Because charlatan ‘treasure-revealers’ harbour worldly aims,
Like street dogs who never really relax,
They will get no satisfaction from the food and wealth they seek.
All sentient beings with rotten minds will follow after them.

“All of the treasure-revealers, my emanations,
Should rely on various mountain ranges as supportive places.
All you fortunate ones connected to me by previous actions and aspirations,
You must strive to enter the path of liberation!

“Those who falsely claim to be my emanations,
Do not understand the view, their meditation is directly ruined,
And they have no ability to teach the Dharma to others.
Deceiving themselves and others, they hoard offerings and raise children.
All degenerate beings will have faith in people like these.

“At that time the end of the teachings will arrive.
The essence and fruition of treasures and treatises will vanish.
Then, I myself will appear in Chakmo, in eastern Tibet[216]
Among the outcaste and poor, as one known as Lha.

“In order to teach the path to students, without regard to good and bad,
I will send an emanation, a poor outcaste,
Whoever is connected with me, the present Pema Jungné,
The hosts of all laypeople, high and low without exception –
I myself will emanate to them in a human form,
As the guide who connects them to the path of liberation.

“Like my two eyes, my two heart sons —
Pelyang and Sangyé Yeshé[217]
Will be like the array of stars adorning space,
And at that time, emanations of the Emperor and disciples will reappear.

“In random mountains and valleys, one hundred and eighty people
Who are inclined to the essential practice
Will attain the confidence of fearlessness, and be liberated into dharmakāya as rainbow bodies.
When the time comes for gathering the remaining disciples
All those fortunate ones connected to me through past karma
Will enter the path to liberation, the end of samsara.

“At that time, shameless hypocrites
Will be praised by everyone.
Sublime holy beings who single-pointedly exert themselves
in the essential practice

Will become the objects of attachment and anger.

“People will praise and take to be holy
Those who emanate as māras due to past negative activities.
Like throwing rocks and paving stones,
They will slander my emanations,
Who all exert themselves in the essential practice.

“At that time, the teachings of Māra will flourish.
Me, my emanations, and those two sublime beings
Will understand the signs of those supreme beings’ teachings.
They will bear the knowledge-name and strength-name of the emanations[218]
Of the present-day master from Nub, Sangyé Yeshé.
At a time when the high snow mountains are held by earth spirits,
In the west, upon the light-rays of the teachings of sūtra and mantra
I will rapidly ascend to the pure Khecara realm.
Along with eighty-two disciples.

“Tsogyal, you will hide
My concise biography
Along with three cycles of profound secret teachings
In the womb of Dorje Drak in symbolic script, as treasures,[219]
Entrusting the gyalpo spirit Yutreng as the guardian.”[220]

Then, Emperor Trisong Detsen asked,
“Will you establish the teachings in all hidden lands,
Away from the demonic teachings of the perverted barbarians?”

The great Orgyen Rinpoche replied,
“These hidden lands were entrusted
To the six types of protectors of those treasures.

“Future people will not falsely accuse you,
And the lives of the daring will be long.
Emperor, you yourself are a true emanation of Mañjuśrī,
And soon you will resolve back into Mañjuśrī’s heart.

“Later, barbaric teachings will not spread.
You and I will both return to protect the teachings and the people.
Though sentient beings are limitless in scope and number,
Sentient beings linked to me through aspirations and karma
Will be established on the level of total freedom beyond fear.”
At these words, Emperor Trisong Detsen rejoiced.

This is the seventh and final chapter of the biography of Padma that naturally liberates on sight, on how he gave direct instruction and prophecies of future times to the Emperor and his subjects.


Samaya. Sealed! Sealed! Sealed! Iti.

In response to the earnest, repeated requests of my noble sons Khyentsé Nyugu, the excellent Khedrub Gyatso, Wangchuk, Ngawang Thinlé, [221] and many other perfect heart-sons, I, the heruka Dudjom Dorjé extracted this from the Heart Practice Bearing the Seal of Secrecy. [222] While I faithfully decoded it, Ngagkyé Jampel Dorjé of Ling wrote it down. [223] Virtue! Virtue! Virtue! Sarva maṅgalaṃ!

210. Secret Heart-Drop of the Ḍākinī
(gsang ba’i yang gsang mkha’ ‘gro’i snying thig)
211.Sangyé Lama (sangs rgyas bla ma, 1000-1080) was the first tertön, or revealer of termas hidden by Guru Rinpoche for the benefit of future generations.
Geshé Pelseng (dge bshes dpal seng)Hanuman (ha nu ma dA) is possibly referring to the Vaiṣnava folk hero Hanuman.
shangpo ministers (zhang blon)
This refers to Encke’s comet.
215.Chakmo (lcags mo)
Pelyang (dpal dbyangs) and Sangyé Yeshé (sangs rgyas ye shes)
217.The knowledge-name and strength-name
(mkhyen pa’i ming dang stobs kyi ming)
Dorje Drak (rdo rje brag)
Yutreng (g.yu phreng can)
Khyentsé Nyugu (mkhyen brtse’i myu gu), Khedrub Gyatso (mkhas grub rgya mtsho), Wangchuk (dbang phyug), and Ngawang Thinlé (ngag dbang phrin las)
The Heart Practice Bearing the Seal of Secrecy (thugs grub gsang rgya can) refers to Tukdrup Sangwe Gyachen (thugs sgrub gsang ba’i rgya can), a practice cycle within the major Zabsang Khandro Nyingtik cycle (zab gsang mkha’ ‘gros snying thig) of Dudjom Lingpa.
Ngagkyé Jampel Dorjé of Ling (gling gi sngags skyes ‘jam dpal rdo rje)

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