The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī Chapter 7/2 final

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The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī revealed by Dudjom Lingpa

Due to the length of the text, we will post each day with the final part posting on Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday, July 9th, which is the 10th Tibetan Day of the lunar calendar.Translated by Nick Schmidt, with the assistance of Samten, Stefan Mang, Ben Ewing, Lowell Cook, and Jordi Roig, 2017. Edited by Libby Hogg and Susanne Fairclough, 2018.


“Now, I must again go to Taktsang Sengphuk.
After a while spent there,
I will return to a few places in Tibet, to practice.”

At that, the Emperor, ministers, and subjects
Decided they would rather not remain in Tibet,
But would return, dejected, to their own lands.

Then the Dharma King Trisong Detsen said,
“When will come time for the rediscovery of your life-story
And this secret Heart-Drop of the Ḍākinī?[210]
Who will the treasure-revealer be?
What will be the joys and concerns of that time?
What will people be like at that time?
Precious Orgyen, I pray you tell us!”

And in response, precious Orgyen said,
“Listen, sovereign of Tibet, Dharma King!
All existent teachings of sūtra and mantra
Are contained within my teachings.

“Although Tibet lies within my field of influence,
There are savage creatures who transgress the oaths
Who encounter adversity through contradicting the teacher and teachings.
In this region I have given instructions, empowerments, transmissions, and treasures.

“The common blessings of the teachings will decline if the lineage is broken.
Therefore, the treasure-revealers, my emanations,
Will occasionally appear as ngakpas, sometimes as householders,
And some will appear as women.

“When those with pure vision receive empowerments, transmissions,
And instructions of this close lineage, they will be able to reverse the negative karma of guile and conflict,
And the first of one hundred treasure-revealers,
Named Sangyé Lama will appear.[211]
Thereafter, the hundred main treasure-revealers will come in succession.

“In the meantime, some revealers will train disciples.
Sometimes temporary situations of conflict will be quelled.
At the end of the five hundred years of degeneration,
In Nālandā monastery,
The mistaken aspiration of Geshé Pelseng will ripen.[212]
And the spread of the non-Buddhist barbarians will be reversed twice.

“They will collapse, but, among the embers in Bu, some will still propitiate
the spirit Hanuman.[213]
By the strength of combining substances, mantra, and samādhi,
Many new practices will flourish.

“These will spread by the strength of perverted aspirations of the present.
Monkey-headed th’eurang ministers,
And shangpo ministers with various types of heads[214]
Will fight and repeatedly raise obstacles,
All as assisted by Hanuman.

“The minds of all humans will be easily turned against the dharma.
Unsatisfied by the riches they have,
They will turn to theft and banditry.
Families will fight, and unhappiness will follow.

“At that time, by the power of substances blessed by the perverted ones,
The sky will be the colour of blood for eighteen months.
The eight planets will align, and Ketu will be ascendant.[215]

“At that time, beings will be beset by attachment
Because their strong desire to unite with lovers will have no cure.
Treasure-revealers with no treasure to show will cover the earth;
Few who even have practiced for one year will be seen.

“All of the great treasure-revealers, my emanations,
Will protect all beings, supreme and inferior,
Showing them the path of liberation and connecting them with it.

“Because charlatan ‘treasure-revealers’ harbour worldly aims,
Like street dogs who never really relax,
They will get no satisfaction from the food and wealth they seek.
All sentient beings with rotten minds will follow after them.

“All of the treasure-revealers, my emanations,
Should rely on various mountain ranges as supportive places.
All you fortunate ones connected to me by previous actions and aspirations,
You must strive to enter the path of liberation!

“Those who falsely claim to be my emanations,
Do not understand the view, their meditation is directly ruined,
And they have no ability to teach the Dharma to others.
Deceiving themselves and others, they hoard offerings and raise children.
All degenerate beings will have faith in people like these.

“At that time the end of the teachings will arrive.
The essence and fruition of treasures and treatises will vanish.
Then, I myself will appear in Chakmo, in eastern Tibet[216]
Among the outcaste and poor, as one known as Lha.

“In order to teach the path to students, without regard to good and bad,
I will send an emanation, a poor outcaste,
Whoever is connected with me, the present Pema Jungné,
The hosts of all laypeople, high and low without exception –
I myself will emanate to them in a human form,
As the guide who connects them to the path of liberation.

“Like my two eyes, my two heart sons —
Pelyang and Sangyé Yeshé[217]
Will be like the array of stars adorning space,
And at that time, emanations of the Emperor and disciples will reappear.

“In random mountains and valleys, one hundred and eighty people
Who are inclined to the essential practice
Will attain the confidence of fearlessness, and be liberated into dharmakāya as rainbow bodies.
When the time comes for gathering the remaining disciples
All those fortunate ones connected to me through past karma
Will enter the path to liberation, the end of samsara.

“At that time, shameless hypocrites
Will be praised by everyone.
Sublime holy beings who single-pointedly exert themselves
in the essential practice

Will become the objects of attachment and anger.

“People will praise and take to be holy
Those who emanate as māras due to past negative activities.
Like throwing rocks and paving stones,
They will slander my emanations,
Who all exert themselves in the essential practice.

“At that time, the teachings of Māra will flourish.
Me, my emanations, and those two sublime beings
Will understand the signs of those supreme beings’ teachings.
They will bear the knowledge-name and strength-name of the emanations[218]
Of the present-day master from Nub, Sangyé Yeshé.
At a time when the high snow mountains are held by earth spirits,
In the west, upon the light-rays of the teachings of sūtra and mantra
I will rapidly ascend to the pure Khecara realm.
Along with eighty-two disciples.

“Tsogyal, you will hide
My concise biography
Along with three cycles of profound secret teachings
In the womb of Dorje Drak in symbolic script, as treasures,[219]
Entrusting the gyalpo spirit Yutreng as the guardian.”[220]

Then, Emperor Trisong Detsen asked,
“Will you establish the teachings in all hidden lands,
Away from the demonic teachings of the perverted barbarians?”

The great Orgyen Rinpoche replied,
“These hidden lands were entrusted
To the six types of protectors of those treasures.

“Future people will not falsely accuse you,
And the lives of the daring will be long.
Emperor, you yourself are a true emanation of Mañjuśrī,
And soon you will resolve back into Mañjuśrī’s heart.

“Later, barbaric teachings will not spread.
You and I will both return to protect the teachings and the people.
Though sentient beings are limitless in scope and number,
Sentient beings linked to me through aspirations and karma
Will be established on the level of total freedom beyond fear.”
At these words, Emperor Trisong Detsen rejoiced.

This is the seventh and final chapter of the biography of Padma that naturally liberates on sight, on how he gave direct instruction and prophecies of future times to the Emperor and his subjects.


Samaya. Sealed! Sealed! Sealed! Iti.

In response to the earnest, repeated requests of my noble sons Khyentsé Nyugu, the excellent Khedrub Gyatso, Wangchuk, Ngawang Thinlé, [221] and many other perfect heart-sons, I, the heruka Dudjom Dorjé extracted this from the Heart Practice Bearing the Seal of Secrecy. [222] While I faithfully decoded it, Ngagkyé Jampel Dorjé of Ling wrote it down. [223] Virtue! Virtue! Virtue! Sarva maṅgalaṃ!

210. Secret Heart-Drop of the Ḍākinī
(gsang ba’i yang gsang mkha’ ‘gro’i snying thig)
211.Sangyé Lama (sangs rgyas bla ma, 1000-1080) was the first tertön, or revealer of termas hidden by Guru Rinpoche for the benefit of future generations.
Geshé Pelseng (dge bshes dpal seng)Hanuman (ha nu ma dA) is possibly referring to the Vaiṣnava folk hero Hanuman.
shangpo ministers (zhang blon)
This refers to Encke’s comet.
215.Chakmo (lcags mo)
Pelyang (dpal dbyangs) and Sangyé Yeshé (sangs rgyas ye shes)
217.The knowledge-name and strength-name
(mkhyen pa’i ming dang stobs kyi ming)
Dorje Drak (rdo rje brag)
Yutreng (g.yu phreng can)
Khyentsé Nyugu (mkhyen brtse’i myu gu), Khedrub Gyatso (mkhas grub rgya mtsho), Wangchuk (dbang phyug), and Ngawang Thinlé (ngag dbang phrin las)
The Heart Practice Bearing the Seal of Secrecy (thugs grub gsang rgya can) refers to Tukdrup Sangwe Gyachen (thugs sgrub gsang ba’i rgya can), a practice cycle within the major Zabsang Khandro Nyingtik cycle (zab gsang mkha’ ‘gros snying thig) of Dudjom Lingpa.
Ngagkyé Jampel Dorjé of Ling (gling gi sngags skyes ‘jam dpal rdo rje)

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The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī Chapter 7/1

HH Dujom Rinpoche III, Sangye Pema Shepa (C)

The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī revealed by Dudjom Lingpa

Due to the length of the text, we will post each day with the final part posting on Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday, July 9th, which is the 10th Tibetan Day of the lunar calendar.Translated by Nick Schmidt, with the assistance of Samten, Stefan Mang, Ben Ewing, Lowell Cook, and Jordi Roig, 2017. Edited by Libby Hogg and Susanne Fairclough, 2018.

Then the Emperor Trisong Detsen said,
“Ema! Compassionate Protector,
The shining lamp of the sacred Dharma
Has illuminated all areas of this dark Tibet.

“The benefit of beings is consummated by the spread of the teachings.
Thus, now I will propagate the Eight Practice Lineages [205]
Until I am fifty-nine years old.

“Now, it would be excellent if I could practice
The precious teachings on sūtra and mantra like that.
Precious Orgyen, I pray, give me direction!

“My ancestors who have left this world have demonstrated causality,
And this must also be shown to future generations.
Please instruct us, O compassionate Protector!”

For a moment Orgyen Rinpoche rested in silent contemplation.
Then he answered,
“Now the paṇḍitas and siddhas of India and China
Must be pleased with your country’s tributary offering.
But the Emperor and all of his subjects must strive in practice,
So that the sovereign Emperor, the Dharma King, and all his subjects attain realization.”

The Emperor replied,
“Kye ma! Padmasambhava, protector of beings,
All my aspirations are fulfilled.

“Glorious Samyé, the foundation for the teachings, has arisen naturally.
Tibet now has wise and accomplished beings
Like the great translator Vairotsana, and many others

“The entire ocean of the classes of sūtra, mantra, and tantra
Have spread in Tibet owing to your compassion.
The rising sun has illuminated the dark island of Tibet.
Now, all my aspirations are fulfilled.

“Until my royal lineage is no more,
Remain as our sole protector, and hold us with your compassion.
If the Master were to depart to the land of the cannibal demons,
The people of Tibet would have no protector for their hopes.
O compassionate one, don’t let your compassion dissipate!”

In response, Orgyen Rinpoche replied:
“Listen, wise Emperor and ministers of Tibet!
I shall not stay; I am going to the land of the cannibal demons.
If the savage cannibal demons are not subdued,
The entire world will fall into ruin and decline.

“There is no one who can subdue them besides me.
On the summit of the Copper-coloured Mountain,
in the centre of Cāmara Island [206]
Are inconceivable pure realms, miraculously emanated.
There I will settle and emanate immeasurable manifestations.

“In billions of world-systems,
Billions of emanations of Padmasambhava
Will tame beings who are ripe for taming through expedient means.

“My retinue of disciples — the Emperor and ministers who embrace virtue —
Will certainly be reborn into my pure realm.
Previously I have only told my life story briefly.
But now, as the times grow gradually worse,
There would be no benefit, even if I stayed here forever.

“Though I was very kind to Tibet, my kindness will not be remembered.
In subduing all the malicious demons of dark Tibet,
I have acted beneficially for many future generations.

“Facing great difficulties,
I abolished the savage, heretical teachings
And converted Tibet to the sacred Dharma.
I travelled through all places and regions of Tibet,
Bestowing consecrations and blessings, and making aspirations.

“From now on, the teachings will quickly spread.
In future times, they will gradually degenerate,
And many different traditions will gradually proliferate.

“Negative deeds will be widespread, at odds with the Dharma.
Holders of the mantra tradition will engage in worldly activities,
And there won’t be anyone who manages even one year of retreat.

“Monastics won’t guard even a single vow,
But will continuously chase after profit
While secretly resorting to lovers, as do dogs and pigs.

“At that time, I cannot offer any help.
Occasionally, when the time arises
For a group of fortunate ones to assemble,
An emanation of mine, a treasure-revealer, will come,
Guiding those disciples on the path to liberation.

“Particularly, at the end of five hundred years of degeneration,
Barbarians from the borderlands will descend on the central lands,
Deceiving the minds of all people.

“Conflict, strife and myriad weapons will spread;
Bandits and brigands will pour in from the hills.

“People will only have confidence in themselves.
Various random epidemics — the fury of the mātṛs
And the meddling of the nyen — will cause death.

“At that time, to gather together the remaining disciples,
I will emanate as Dudjom Dorje [207]
And establish one thousand and eight hundred disciples in bliss.

“The entourage of students – emanations of the current Emperor and subjects-
Will do auspicious work among their heart-disciples.
When connected with the path of liberation,
they will enter the path of the Dharma.

“At that time, through the power of the barbarians
The teachings of black Māra will cover the land.
Perverted aspirations will be fulfilled in an instant,
And, through myriad negative actions,
Sentient beings will suffer unpredictably, like a changing dance.
Who could give the methods for reversing this?

“Therefore, Emperor and subjects, you must master your minds.
The subjects, all, must now make great efforts
In observing the holy discipline of the Dharma.

“Life is impermanent, a temporary dream.
So cut all clinging to permanence, Emperor and subjects!

“Wealth is impermanent, like an illusory gathering,
So strive to make extensive offerings, Emperor and subjects!

“Activities are endless, like a painting, perpetually unfurling,
So practice the holy teachings — the end quickly approaches!

“Marriage is impermanent, like people in a marketplace,
So don’t quarrel or fight, but apply yourselves to the teachings!

“The royal court is impermanent, like a city of gandharvas,
So don’t engage in infighting, Emperor and subjects!

“Offer whatever you can afford to practitioners in retreat,
And you will obtain an equal share of merit, Emperor and subjects!

“Satisfy the weak and feeble by distributing food,
And your merit — the provision for future journeys — will thereby increase.

“Rely on the Refuge, the Three Jewels, never separating from them,
And later, guides for the path will come, Emperor and subjects!

“Offer as much as you can before the Three Supports,[208]
And later, just as much wealth will again be accumulated.

“Even if you have food and riches, contentment will never arise,
So always hold to the key point of reliance on contentment.

“Sustain the royal laws with the Dharma.
Ministers, amend the laws in accordance with the Emperor’s commands.

“Meditators, resort to solitary mountain retreats.
Ngakpas, protect your commitments as you would your life.
Monastics, protect your vows of discipline.
Ngakpas, exert yourselves purely in retreat practice.

“Laypeople, abandon all deception and guile,
And at all times exert yourselves in reciting the six syllables.[209]
Never forget the uncertainty of the time of death, Emperor and subjects!

“In this and future lives, there is no refuge or protector besides the teacher,
So don’t forget your teachers and always revere them,
Continuously making offerings and supplications.
Later, we will meet again, Emperor and subjects!

205 The Eight Practice Lineages (sgrub sde brgyad) likely refers to the Kagyé (bka’ brgyad).

206 The Copper-coloured Mountain (zangs mdog dpal ri) and Cāmara Island (rnga yab gling)

207 Dudjom Dorjé (bdud ‘joms rdo rje) that is Dudjom Lingpa.

208 The Three Supports (rten sum) are the three representations or supports of enlightened form (statues), speech (scriptural texts), and mind (stūpas).

209 That is the mantra of bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara. 

Continues with Chapter 7 final tomorrow.


The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī Chapter 6

The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī revealed by Dudjom Lingpa

Due to the length of the text, we will post each day with the final part posting on Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday, July 9th, which is the 10th Tibetan Day of the lunar calendar.Translated by Nick Schmidt, with the assistance of Samten, Stefan Mang, Ben Ewing, Lowell Cook, and Jordi Roig, 2017. Edited by Libby Hogg and Susanne Fairclough, 2018.

Chapter 6

Then I said, “While the Emperor’s life is not yet over,
And people have been benefitted

By many methods for taming beings,
You must not go elsewhere.

“When the Emperor has passed into nirvāṇa,
And the royal heir is still alive,
The future prince with requisite karma will hold the lineage.
He will practice in many such places

Blessed by siddhas,
In Tibetan lands of all four directions, as I have done:

“At Samyé, I practiced for seven human years,
And I stayed at Yamalung for five years. [130]
I was at the Yarlung Sheldrak cave for eighteen years. [131]

“I practiced at the Yerpa cave for three human years. [132]
I stayed and practiced at Tradruk for two. [133]

And for eleven months I stayed at the Kharchen cliff. [134]

“I stayed in the meadow of Mönkha for fifteen months, [135]
At Taktshang Canyon for three. [136]

And for three months I stayed at Shiktsang Canyon.[137]

“For five months I stayed at Domtshang Canyon, [138]
For three years and three months at Khamré Grove, [139]
And at Demo Pass in Kongpo for seven days. [140]

“For five months I stayed at Rongchung Dza, [141]
And for nine months in Rongchen at the Yema Cliff. [142]
For three months I stayed at Tigo Cliff. [143]

“Finally, I arrived in Kham,
Where for three days I stayed and practiced in Chamdo.[144]
At Minma I bound the queen under oath.[145]

“For a month I stayed in the Bemo Valley,  [146]
Where I bound Bethil Nagmo to oath [147]
And while I was staying at Yilong Tserma,148
I bound Soglen Nagmo to oath [149]

“‘In the future, when my teachings
Are twisted by the upsurge of Māra’s crooked teachings,
And I myself have emanated as King Gesar,
Enemies of the teachings will pervade the four directions.
Then, you must guard the teachings as you would the life of an insect.’ Besides this, I gave many other instructions.

“Then in the Sengdrak Cave of Horpo [150]
I practiced for three human years.
I granted blessings there, as well as consecrations and aspirations.
The thirty-four letters [151] arose on the cave wall,
I bound under oath the nine damsi siblings, [152]
And I captured a local nyen rock demoness.

“I sought permission
To take a girl as a consort,
And permission was given
When the rock demoness said,
‘Since I myself have come, it is allowed.’

“For three months I stayed in Mugseng Cave.[153]
I stayed for five months at Takmo Cliff [154]

And for one year at Chumig Changringmo, [155]
Where I bound the four Semo sisters to oath.[156]

“Once, towards the beginning of my year-long stay
In Rudam Nagpo Valley, [157]
During the first watch of the evening of the six day of the ninth month,
I subdued the sixteen demonic Menmo sisters [158]
With the Arrogance-Subduing Samādhi.[159]
At midnight I subdued the twelve Murderous Spirits, -[160]
At dawn I subdued nine the’urang siblings,

And I concealed twenty-five treasure caches there.

“I emanated a glorious fortress, at Dzong Tran Sangwa.[161]
There I bound to oath King Takthal of Mu, [162]
The Five Tsegyal Chukma women, [163]
The Great Nyen and the eight siblings resembling him,
And also the divine son Thökar. [164]
I entrusted treasures to them all.

“Once, in Lab, [165] on a snowy mountain
I meditated for seven days, binding to oath

The crocodile-faced demon, bear-faced demon, [166]
And their retinues of five hundred and fifty,
Appointing them all as protectors of treasures.

“Then I went to the snowy range of Tölung. [167]
When snow gods, along with the nine mātṛkā siblings Were stirring up trouble, I bound them to oath, Entrusting them with sixteen treasures.

“Then, in Dorje Yudrom, [168]
Where I stayed meditating for three days,
I mounted a turquoise dragon and bound it to oath.

“Arriving at the very peak of Dza Mountain, [169]
I subdued Taktra Namen. [170]
I stayed in that place for six months.

“In Kakong Sengé Dzong [171]
I bound sixteen nāga thels to oath, [172]
And practiced there for five months.
A Queen Mudo came, [173]
And the Tsen Düd Khala Mebar appeared, [174]

With one hundred thousand tsen troops around him.
But, by the Samādhi That Subjugates the Three Realms, [175]

I terrorized them all, bound them to oath, and appointed them as treasure guardians.

“Then I went to Shagdré Rock [176]
In the area of of Lhatse. [177]
The Great Nyen and his millions of nyen warriors
Sent down a rain of meteoric iron.

“When heaven and earth were filled with his warriors,
I subjugated them all through the practice of Blazing Wrath [178]
And bound them to oath.

“I terrorized him with a rain of various weapons,
And he panicked and vowed to serve me.

I sealed his vow by placing my vajra on his head,
And entrusted him to guard five treasures.

“Then I went to Mar.[179]
In the Bese cave, [180]
I stayed and meditated for five days,
And bound to oath all of the gods and demons of lower Ser [181]
At Dünying Tse I suppressed Māra and the damsi demons.[182]

“Then I went to Yar,
And at the Dorje Dragkar, [183]
While I was practicing for six months,
I bound Ase Mase under oath in a drum. [184]

I concealed five treasures and bound them as a protector.

“Then I went to upper Ser[ 185]
Where I bound Damchen Garwa and his retinue to oath. [186]
I bestowed blessings there for one day.

“Then I went to the place called Drong Ri.[187]
Empowering and commanding the lay practitioner Dorje Drak Tsal and his
retinue, [188]
I bound them to oath and entrusted treasures to them.
I stayed there for one month, meditating and bestowing blessings.

“I stayed for nine months at Doyi Takdzong. [189]
I bestowed blessings at the practice site of the Kagyé deities.

“Then, I concealed treasures at Marshö Ashö. [190]
I stayed inside the Medicinal Stūpa of Many Doors [191]
For one day, bestowing blessings and meditating.

“After filling the mountains and valleys
Of upper and lower Mar with daylight and darkness, [192]
I walked around, binding gods and demons under oath.

“Then, in the east, as I was meditating In a haunted, snowy area
Over the course of five days,
I bound the wrathful unhindered Nyenchen under oath, [193]
And entrusted him with wealth and desirables.

“On the golden lower plain of Ma,
After taking off my hat and sitting in meditation,
I filled the entire first mountain of Ma
With manifestations of the Peaceful and Wrathful deities.
I bound the gods and demons to oath, and performed consecrations and blessings.

“In the desolate Place of Conquerors at Sothog [194]
I practiced Manjusrī, enlightened body, for three months.

“While staying at the base of Washab Dragkar Cliff for seven days,[195]
I bound the devil Black Hala to oath.[196]

“At my dwelling place called Nāga Cave
For ten months I stayed, cultivating meditation.

“In Tsen Canyon at Kawa Karpo [197]
I stayed for one year, bestowing blessings and meditating.

“At Dza Mountain on the border between Ma and Dza [198]
I practiced for three months, blessing the place.

“Arriving at Mount Machen, [199]
I practiced for a year and six months.
I gave empowerments to the yakṣa King Gökyi Chokshuchen [200]
Along with his main consort, Drakgyal Men and his ministers, [201]
I bound them under oath, commanding them to be treasure guardians.
I established them as the principal rulers

Of the local deities of the six ridges of eastern Tibet.

“Then, when I went to Drakar Trel Dzong [202]
Chinese and Mongolian gods and demons were causing obstacles,
Filling the mountain valleys with the sounds of “Ki!” and “So!”

I sent down torrents of molten metal, flames, and weapons
And annihilated all those pernicious gods and demons.

“When they offered their lives to me, I bound them to oath,
Entrusted them with treasures, and gave them empowerments and blessing.
I practiced in that place for three years.

“In order to spread the teachings of the Buddha,
I travelled around the borderlands of Mongolia and Tibet Performing consecrations and making aspirations.

“I then went to Dungri Karpo Mountain in the east. [203]
For three years I stayed and practiced there.
In the pure realm of millions of ḍākinīs,
I bestowed blessings and performed consecrations,
And commissioned them to guard the border of China and Tibet.

“I went to Lhadrak Karpo in Rungpo, [204]
Where I stayed for one year practicing wrathful mantras,
Establishing that site as a place for wrathful activities.

“I travelled around such places, among the six ridges of eastern Tibet, Bestowing consecrations and blessings,
With the aspiration to spread the Buddha’s teachings.
Binding all of the gods and demons to oath,

I commanded them to protect the sacred teachings.
Finally, I returned to Tibet proper.”

This is the sixth chapter of the biography of Padma that naturally liberates on sight, on how he bound the gods and demons under oath in all realms of Tibet, and gave prophecy after blessing sacred places.

130. Yamalung (g.ya’ ma lung) is a hermitage near Samye.
131.Yarlung Sheldrak (yar lung shel brag)
132.Yerpa cave (yer pa’i brag)
133.Tradruk (khra ‘brug) is a temple established during the reign of Emperor Songtsen Gampo, near Seng Gong (seng dgong) in Yarlung.
134. Kharchen cliff (mkhar chen brag)
135. The meadow of Mönkha (mon kha ne’u ring)|
136. Taktshang Canyon (stag tshang rong)
137. Shiktsang Canyon (gzig tshang rong)
138. Domtshang Canyon (dom tshang rong)
139. Khamré Grove (khams ras tshal)
140. Demo Pass in Kongpo (kong yul de mo la)
141. Rongchung Dza (rong chung rdza)
142. Rongchen at the Yema Cliff (rong chen ye ma brag)
143. Tigo Cliff (ti sgo brag)
144. Cha mdo (chab mdo) is a large city in Kham.
146. Minma (smin ma)|
147. Bemo Valley (be rdo)|
148. Bethil Nagmo (be thil)
149.Yilong Tserma (yid slong tsher ma can)
150.Soglen Nagmo (srog len nag mo)
151.Sengdrak Cave of Horpo (hor po’i seng brag)
152.The thirty-four letters possibly refers to the consonants of the Tibetan alphabet.
153. The nine damsi siblings (dam sri spun dgu)
154. Mugseng Cave (rmug seng phug)
155. Takmo Cliff (stag mo’i brag)
156. Chumig Changringmo (chu mig byang ring) refers to the site of Chumig Changchub in Nepal.
157.The four Semo sisters (bswe mo spun bzhi)
158.Rudam Nagpo Valley (ru dam lung pa nag po)|
159.Menmo sisters (sman mo bcu drug)|}
160.The Arrogance-Subduing Samādhi (dregs pa zil gnon ting ‘dzin)
161.The twelve Murderous Spirits (bla rkun bcu gnyis)
162.Dzong Tran Sangwa (rdzong phran gsang ba)
163..King Takthal of Mu (dmu rgyal stag thul). Mu (dmu) is a type of demon, or the name of a clan.
164.The Five Tsegyal Chukma (rste rgyal phyug mo rnam lnga)
165.The divine son Thökar (lha phrug thod dkar)|
166.Lab is in Lhoka.\
167.The crocodile-faced demon (chu srin) and the bear-faced demon
(dred gdong can)\
168.Tölung (stod lung) is near Lhasa.\
169.Dorje Yudrom (rdo rje g.yu khrom)
170. The peak of Dza Mountain (rdza ri rtse rgyal)|
171. Taktra Namen (stag bkra gnam sman)
172. Kakong Sengé Dzong (ka kong seng ge rdzong)
173. Nāga thels are a type of earth Nāga.
174.Q ueen Mudo (rgyal mo dmu rdo)
175. Tsen Düd Khala Mebar (btsan bdud kha la me ‘bar) is a preta king.
176.The Samādhi That Subjugates the Three Realms (khams gsum dbang sdud ting ‘dzin)
177. Shagdré Rock (bzhag ‘bras rdza)
178. Lhatse (lha rtse)
179. The practice of Blazing Wrath (khro bo ‘bar ba’i brtul zhugs)
180. Mar is in Lhodrak.
181.Bese cave (be se brag phug)
182. Lower Ser (gser smad)
183. Dünying Tse (bdud snying rtse)
184. Dorje Dragkar (rdo rje brag dkar)
185. Ase Mase (a se ma se)
186.Upper Ser (gser stod)
187. Damchen Garwa (dam can mgar ba) is likely Vajrasādhu, (rdo rje legs pa), the protector who assumes the form of a blacksmith.
188. Drong Ri (‘brong ri)
189. Dorje Drak Tsal (rdo rje drag rtsal)
190. Doyi Takdzong (rdo yi stag rdzong)
191. Marshö Ashö (smar shod a shos)|
192.The Stūpa of Many Doors (mchod rten sgo mang)
193. Mar (sMar)
194. Nyenchen (myen chen)
195. The desolate Place of Conquerors at Sothog (bso thog rgyal ba’i dben gnas)
196. Washab Dragkar Cliff (Wa zhabs brag)
197.The devil Black Hala (bdud po ha la nag po)
198. Tsen Canyon at Kawa Karpo (rong btsan kha ba dkar po)
199. Ma (rma) and Dza (rDza)
200. Machen (rma chen)
201.The yakṣa King Gökyi Chokshuchen (nor bdag rgyal po rgod kyi cog zhu can)
202. Drakgyal Men (drag rgyal sman)
203. Drakar Trel Dzong (brag dkar sprel rdzong)
204.Dungri Karpo Mountain (dung ri dar po)

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