The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī Chapter 7/1

HH Dujom Rinpoche III, Sangye Pema Shepa (C)

The Biography of the Great Orgyen that Naturally Liberates On Sight From The Profound Secret Heart Essence of the Ḍākinī revealed by Dudjom Lingpa

Due to the length of the text, we will post each day with the final part posting on Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday, July 9th, which is the 10th Tibetan Day of the lunar calendar.Translated by Nick Schmidt, with the assistance of Samten, Stefan Mang, Ben Ewing, Lowell Cook, and Jordi Roig, 2017. Edited by Libby Hogg and Susanne Fairclough, 2018.

Then the Emperor Trisong Detsen said,
“Ema! Compassionate Protector,
The shining lamp of the sacred Dharma
Has illuminated all areas of this dark Tibet.

“The benefit of beings is consummated by the spread of the teachings.
Thus, now I will propagate the Eight Practice Lineages [205]
Until I am fifty-nine years old.

“Now, it would be excellent if I could practice
The precious teachings on sūtra and mantra like that.
Precious Orgyen, I pray, give me direction!

“My ancestors who have left this world have demonstrated causality,
And this must also be shown to future generations.
Please instruct us, O compassionate Protector!”

For a moment Orgyen Rinpoche rested in silent contemplation.
Then he answered,
“Now the paṇḍitas and siddhas of India and China
Must be pleased with your country’s tributary offering.
But the Emperor and all of his subjects must strive in practice,
So that the sovereign Emperor, the Dharma King, and all his subjects attain realization.”

The Emperor replied,
“Kye ma! Padmasambhava, protector of beings,
All my aspirations are fulfilled.

“Glorious Samyé, the foundation for the teachings, has arisen naturally.
Tibet now has wise and accomplished beings
Like the great translator Vairotsana, and many others

“The entire ocean of the classes of sūtra, mantra, and tantra
Have spread in Tibet owing to your compassion.
The rising sun has illuminated the dark island of Tibet.
Now, all my aspirations are fulfilled.

“Until my royal lineage is no more,
Remain as our sole protector, and hold us with your compassion.
If the Master were to depart to the land of the cannibal demons,
The people of Tibet would have no protector for their hopes.
O compassionate one, don’t let your compassion dissipate!”

In response, Orgyen Rinpoche replied:
“Listen, wise Emperor and ministers of Tibet!
I shall not stay; I am going to the land of the cannibal demons.
If the savage cannibal demons are not subdued,
The entire world will fall into ruin and decline.

“There is no one who can subdue them besides me.
On the summit of the Copper-coloured Mountain,
in the centre of Cāmara Island [206]
Are inconceivable pure realms, miraculously emanated.
There I will settle and emanate immeasurable manifestations.

“In billions of world-systems,
Billions of emanations of Padmasambhava
Will tame beings who are ripe for taming through expedient means.

“My retinue of disciples — the Emperor and ministers who embrace virtue —
Will certainly be reborn into my pure realm.
Previously I have only told my life story briefly.
But now, as the times grow gradually worse,
There would be no benefit, even if I stayed here forever.

“Though I was very kind to Tibet, my kindness will not be remembered.
In subduing all the malicious demons of dark Tibet,
I have acted beneficially for many future generations.

“Facing great difficulties,
I abolished the savage, heretical teachings
And converted Tibet to the sacred Dharma.
I travelled through all places and regions of Tibet,
Bestowing consecrations and blessings, and making aspirations.

“From now on, the teachings will quickly spread.
In future times, they will gradually degenerate,
And many different traditions will gradually proliferate.

“Negative deeds will be widespread, at odds with the Dharma.
Holders of the mantra tradition will engage in worldly activities,
And there won’t be anyone who manages even one year of retreat.

“Monastics won’t guard even a single vow,
But will continuously chase after profit
While secretly resorting to lovers, as do dogs and pigs.

“At that time, I cannot offer any help.
Occasionally, when the time arises
For a group of fortunate ones to assemble,
An emanation of mine, a treasure-revealer, will come,
Guiding those disciples on the path to liberation.

“Particularly, at the end of five hundred years of degeneration,
Barbarians from the borderlands will descend on the central lands,
Deceiving the minds of all people.

“Conflict, strife and myriad weapons will spread;
Bandits and brigands will pour in from the hills.

“People will only have confidence in themselves.
Various random epidemics — the fury of the mātṛs
And the meddling of the nyen — will cause death.

“At that time, to gather together the remaining disciples,
I will emanate as Dudjom Dorje [207]
And establish one thousand and eight hundred disciples in bliss.

“The entourage of students – emanations of the current Emperor and subjects-
Will do auspicious work among their heart-disciples.
When connected with the path of liberation,
they will enter the path of the Dharma.

“At that time, through the power of the barbarians
The teachings of black Māra will cover the land.
Perverted aspirations will be fulfilled in an instant,
And, through myriad negative actions,
Sentient beings will suffer unpredictably, like a changing dance.
Who could give the methods for reversing this?

“Therefore, Emperor and subjects, you must master your minds.
The subjects, all, must now make great efforts
In observing the holy discipline of the Dharma.

“Life is impermanent, a temporary dream.
So cut all clinging to permanence, Emperor and subjects!

“Wealth is impermanent, like an illusory gathering,
So strive to make extensive offerings, Emperor and subjects!

“Activities are endless, like a painting, perpetually unfurling,
So practice the holy teachings — the end quickly approaches!

“Marriage is impermanent, like people in a marketplace,
So don’t quarrel or fight, but apply yourselves to the teachings!

“The royal court is impermanent, like a city of gandharvas,
So don’t engage in infighting, Emperor and subjects!

“Offer whatever you can afford to practitioners in retreat,
And you will obtain an equal share of merit, Emperor and subjects!

“Satisfy the weak and feeble by distributing food,
And your merit — the provision for future journeys — will thereby increase.

“Rely on the Refuge, the Three Jewels, never separating from them,
And later, guides for the path will come, Emperor and subjects!

“Offer as much as you can before the Three Supports,[208]
And later, just as much wealth will again be accumulated.

“Even if you have food and riches, contentment will never arise,
So always hold to the key point of reliance on contentment.

“Sustain the royal laws with the Dharma.
Ministers, amend the laws in accordance with the Emperor’s commands.

“Meditators, resort to solitary mountain retreats.
Ngakpas, protect your commitments as you would your life.
Monastics, protect your vows of discipline.
Ngakpas, exert yourselves purely in retreat practice.

“Laypeople, abandon all deception and guile,
And at all times exert yourselves in reciting the six syllables.[209]
Never forget the uncertainty of the time of death, Emperor and subjects!

“In this and future lives, there is no refuge or protector besides the teacher,
So don’t forget your teachers and always revere them,
Continuously making offerings and supplications.
Later, we will meet again, Emperor and subjects!

205 The Eight Practice Lineages (sgrub sde brgyad) likely refers to the Kagyé (bka’ brgyad).

206 The Copper-coloured Mountain (zangs mdog dpal ri) and Cāmara Island (rnga yab gling)

207 Dudjom Dorjé (bdud ‘joms rdo rje) that is Dudjom Lingpa.

208 The Three Supports (rten sum) are the three representations or supports of enlightened form (statues), speech (scriptural texts), and mind (stūpas).

209 That is the mantra of bodhisattva Avalokiteśvara. 

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