Ngondro Conquered Me

We are offering a new addition to the Ngondro web site highlighting people who have finished their Ngondro accumulations.. We invite those who have completed Ngondro  to contribute comments on their experience by sending a paragraph or two to

Pema Chodron has just completed her practice. Starting as a child of a practitioner, growing up in the dharma, she went on to get  married, raise a family with two children and work, all while practicing. It took her 17 years and she just finished. We congratulate Pema Chodron on her completion of the Dudjom Tersar Ngondro!

“Lama Tharchin Rinpoche opened my eyes. He gave his entire life and the ground he walked on to the Dharma, and that devotion inspired my own. Though often separated by time and travel, I owe my life to my lamas and the care and guidance they provide. Thank you for creating this Ngöndro program to help those teachings flourish, support students from afar, and help keep me accountable for my commitments.


I don’t feel worthy to comment on my experience with Ngöndro, and certainly not as if I’ve come to the end of a great road. I’m no trailblazer for having conquered a milestone, and the process itself is entirely humbling… I should rather say that Ngöndro conquered me.

Ngöndro is the most intimate and personally enriching opportunity I’ve experienced. It goes beyond accumulations and you change as you move through the practice. I had my share of frustration or confusion, lack of focus, and physical pain, but it requires commitment, good habit, and a shift of perspective to let Ngöndro shape you. The journey is a crucial part of the destination, and my experience with Ngöndro continues to prepare me for the greater journey ahead.

May all beings benefit!”
January 2, 2018