The Ultimate Goal of the Secret Mantra Vehicle

Buddha Shakyamuni Life Story Thangka

When the Buddha Shakyamuni attained the great enlightenment, the support he had was as the Lord of Mankind in our world of Jambudvipa, the excellent support of a body with the freedoms and advantages, and it was therefore called “better than the gods.” The Sutra of Manifest Enlightenment explains:

He did not attain enlightenment in the realms of the gods because gods are proud of their abode and therefore do not clearly realize the truth. Having seen that only the human state has the perfect qualities of the freedoms and advantages, he departed for Kapilavastu.

It has been taught that the ultimate goal of the Secret Mantra Vehicle too is swiftly accomplished through a human support, as we find in a tantra: Humans who are diligent In this marvelous kinglike Secret Mantra Vehicle Will attain its accomplishment in this very life, Not to mention the other powers achieved through the practice.

-~ Dudjom Rinpoche
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Happy Saga Dawa Duchen !

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