Mandala Offering

Lama Sonam Rinpoche: How to make mandala offering with 37 features.

The Thirty-Seven-Point Mandala Offering Key 

1. Mount Meru
2–5. The four continents
6–13. The eight subcontinents
14. The jewel mountain
15. The wish-fulfilling tree
16. The wish-fulfilling cow
17. The harvest that needs no sowing
18–24. The seven attributes of royalty
25. The vase of great treasure
26–33. The eight offering goddesses
34. The sun
35. The moon
36. The precious umbrella
37. The royal banner victorious in all directions

We recommend using a lap cloth during your mandala offering accumulation.

 Photo: Amy Green demonstrates how to do Mandala Offering. 2018 Ngondro Retreat

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