We need heart advice like this!

How amazing! Listen, my two friends!

Now that you have found a free and fully endowed human body, so difficult to attain, You should accomplish your everlasting goal. You have met the one who is difficult to meet- Your Lama, the Buddha incarnate.

You then received the profound instructions, the swift path to liberation in this lifetime. This fortune has been won with your previously accumulated merit’s power, not with wealth of jewels. Therefore, with intense diligence, have your practice accompany you to the end of your life.

The teachings’ foundation is the mind of awakening. The Victorious Ones’ spiritual heirs spend their lives helping others. Lacking this, the hearer’s vehicle does not lead to enlightenment. If anger’s hailstones rain down upon virtue’s bountiful harvest, the fruit may be totally destroyed. Keep the watchman of mindfulness alert!

Individual liberation vows without self-control; Bodhisattva training without compassion; Tantric practice without keeping samaya, these cause rebirth in the hells. Empowerment’s foundation is samaya- If you keep them, tantric practice is the nectar of immortality; If you do not, it is like a deadly poison you have already consumed. With such potential advantages or disaster, such positive or negative effects, protect your tantric commitments as you would your life!

Having discarded one and seized another among the many deep, deep sacred teachings, you will not accomplish even one ultimate result. Therefore, be diligent in practicing one of them!

Apparent existence ~ all phenomena of existence and enlightenment ~ is the false design of your own mind’s delusion: Recognition of awareness as primordial dharmakaya is the view. To settle in the evenness of the natural state within the fresh, continual state of unimpeded original awareness (shes pa) unbound by dualism’s fetters: this is meditation.

To abide within a state of non-action during the ninefold activities of body, speech, and mind, and to conform your behavior to the dharma are the essential keys of conduct.

Not searching elsewhere for what is to be attained but to grasp within yourself Buddha Kuntuzangpo manifest, your own awareness ~ this is the spontaneously present sovereign result.

Know the true nature of view, meditation, conduct, and result correctly as I described, and cultivate their experience single-pointedly. You will definitely reach the unassailable state during this lifetime.

If my Lama’s compassion prevents obscurations by negative acts and pollution due to accepting undeserved offerings and gives the fortune to reach the pure lands to one such as I ~ without spirituality, neither a lay person nor a monk ~ I pray repeatedly that we, teacher and disciples, remain together as inseparable companions.

I, Yeshe Dorje, spoke this so as not to refuse both Chowang and Tsultrim’s insistent request: “We need heart advice like this!”

Wisdom Nectar
Dudjom Rinpoche’s Heart Advice