Immeasurable Phenomena

Pema Osel Ling Retreat Center Shrine Room

All immeasurable phenomena can be synthesized into the two categories of samsara and enlightenment.

To take the immeasurable phenomena of samsara and enlightenment into the path of enlightenment by sustaining the effortless beginningless openness of dharmadhatu, what is found?

Just as they arise, they do not exist in reality because they are manifestation. Whenever the phenomena of whatever one has, says, or thinks arise, even if one thinks of them for many eons, they are just arising; there is no reality.

Even whenever one sleeps, it is still sustaining in dharmadhatu, because even sleep is the unobstructed state.

Whenever dreams arise, there is no dream, because one is just staying in sole awareness mind. Like a bed, one is there relaxing. In unobstructed space, whatever comes, just as it arises, there is nothing exact, not any reality.

In summary, the outer container of the universe and the inner essence of sentient beings, all states of happiness and suffering, and so on that depend on the interdependent connection between root circumstances and contributing circumstances are rooted in the mind of duality, which creates everything.


Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche
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Photo by Sonam Famarin