Five Fully Endowed Circumstances

Originally, the Buddha revealed the tantras through the mode of the five fully endowed circumstances. The fully endowed teacher, our own Lord Buddha Sakyamuni, has remained from beginningless time as the foundational, originally pure sphere of the primordial wisdom of intrinsic awareness.

In this state of actual awakening, spontaneous presence and primordial wisdom are one. From within this, the one taste of the enlightened intentionality of all the buddhas of the three times remains as the appearance of the embodiment of complete enjoyment, the sambhogakaya.

All objective appearances are in actual nature the self-expression of primordial wisdom, the pure primordial buddha (Samantabhadra). The nonconceptual state, free from grasping and clinging, is the “vajra.” The indivisibility of the sphere of truth and primordial wisdom is the “holder.” The pure sovereign ruler of all mandalas is the teacher. Thus, the fully endowed teacher is the vajra-holder, Samantabhadra.

The fully endowed place is self-awareness, exceedingly pure and understood as the Akanistha pure realm. The fully endowed assembly, one’s own self-projection, appears as the immeasurable mandalas of peaceful and wrathful deities. The fully endowed Dharma is the inexpressible nature of the lucid radiance of primordial wisdom’s enlightened intentionality. The fully endowed time is the unchanging sphere of spontaneous, self-originating purity.

~Dudjom Rinpoche Quotes