View, Meditation, Conduct

All phenomena of existence, samsara and enlightenment,
Are a groundless and rootless display.
Realize the all-inclusive natural state
In encompassing, pervasive space
Is inexpressible empty clarity.
This is Great Perfection’s inconceivable view.

Do not spoil this present ordinary mind
With grasping to meditation and its mental constructs.
Relax, let go,
Never leaving the stable naturally settled state without meditation.
This is meditation of natural liberation without fixation.

Relax yourself in the natural arising of the six collections of consciousness,
Have your conduct conform to the Dharma,
And let go in non-action, allowing things to occur of themselves:
Know this as the ultimate conduct.

When you energetically cultivate these experiences,
Do not search for results outside yourself;
You will surely find their natural dwelling place directly within you:
This is the pinnacle of the result.

***Wisdom Nectar