Six Ways to Prepare for Meditation

A re-post from Tricycle Daily
By John Yates (Culadasa), Matthew Immergut
Aug 10, 2017

I recommend the following six-point preparation to new students. You should prepare for meditation just as you would for other activities, by thinking and planning beforehand. Memorize these six points and go through them as soon as you sit down. You can even review them in your head while on the way to your meditation spot. They are: motivation, goals, expectations, diligence, distractions, and posture.  

1. Fire up your motivation
After you sit down, the first thing to do is to remind yourself why you’ve chosen to meditate. Perhaps it’s to have a little more peace of mind and improve your mental skills, or it could be to achieve awakening. Or maybe it’s just because you know you’ll feel better for the rest of the day if you meditate than if you don’t. Don’t judge your reasons as being good or bad, just acknowledge and accept them as they are. Having a clear sense of purpose will fire up your motivation and help you deal with any feelings of restlessness or resistance.

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