The Aspiration Prayer of Longchenpa


The Aspiration Prayer of Longchenpa
Written by Omniscient Longchenpa

Colophon ~
Of course, those who are nihilists have no belief in karma, virtue, or the Triple Gems; that is why they are nihilists. They think only about this momentary life and that it is not necessary to consider previous births or future reincarnations since they do not believe in them. According to Buddhist theory, however, until one attains the state of enlightenment, one must believe mind is continuous even though one does not see the mind’s continuity. Since the mind is continuous, phenomena will be continuous, so the phenomena of suffering and happiness are continuous. Sometimes there are phenomena of suffering and sometimes there are phenomena of happiness, but either way, these phenomena must change. In order not to circle like this between suffering and happiness unceasingly, it is necessary to be liberated to reach unchangeable, flawless ecstasy; and in order to be liberated one needs virtue or merit until the habits of dualistic mind are exhausted. So, one needs to believe in abstaining from negative karma and increasing positive karma and the accumulation of merit and wisdom. In order to make accumulation, first one needs to obtain a precious human birth with the seven qualities of the high realms of gods and humans.

~ Translated by Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

During the Webcast Teaching with Lama Sonam Rinpoche in January,
we recited this Aspiration Prayer of Longchenpa.

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