Guru Yoga Visualization


While doing Guru Yoga practice, visualize yourself as the Wisdom Dakini, Vajrayogini. (The commentary continues with descriptions of the visualization, which has been omitted here, please refer to the commentary.) Inseparable from each other, Vajrayogini symbolizes wisdom and Guru Rinpoche symbolizes skillful means.

We visualize ourselves as Vajrayogini for three reasons. First, this solid and gross corporeal body is an impure vessel for receiving empowerments and blessings. Through visualization, we are creating a pure container free of obscurations, necessary for receiving the Guru’s mind transmission. Secondly, we visualize ourselves as Vajrayogini in order to gain the realization of expanding emptiness and great bliss as inseparable from realized wisdom. Thirdly is the auspicious magnetizing and interdependent connection between male and female. Feminine wisdom energy magnetizes Guru Rinpoche’s display of skillful means through his blessings and empowerments. This transcends dualistic concepts such male and female because there actually is no separation between skillful means represented by the masculine and wisdom represented by the feminine.

Your faith magnetizes the blessings of Guru Rinpoche’s pure wisdom and compassion toward you. It is the opening and softening of the heart. Without faith, your heart can be closed and hard like stone. If your mind is open and devotional, you can receive the Guru’s blessings like rain falling onto the soft ground. Rain never chooses where it will fall, yet wherever it touches receptive ground, it is absorbed. However, not even one drop will penetrate stone. Everything grows from the earth, but nothing grows from rock. The same is true of our mind. Qualities grow from a mind that is soft like the earth, but will never grow from a mind that is hard and impenetrable like stone. With devotion, Guru Rinpoche’s blessings will dissolve directly into your heart, like the rain into the earth. All qualities of wisdom will grow from this mixing of the Guru’s mind with your own mind.
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~  Lama Tharchin Rinpoche
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