Receiving the Blessings of Guru Yoga


Lama’i Naljor, or Guru Yoga, is as follows. The essence of Kuntuzangpo’s inconceivable object of sublime appearances of skillful means as dharmata is the actual empty nature of great prajna, Kuntuzangmo. Unchanging throughout the three times, this limitless sphere of space, which is the source of the manifesting and gathering of all Buddhas, is not from the path of learning and practice. This is the enlightened Lama who has attained the nondual union of Vajradhara, which only means the result of Buddha, the Three Kayas. Therefore, the term yoga is not appropriate in this context. It is for those practitioners who have the joy of devotion and diligence to try to achieve the state of the enlightened Lama. Whatever Dharma is practiced, the subject who is the practitioner is practicing in order to increase and enhance the union of skillful means, or phenomena, and prajna, or emptiness, which is for the benefit of the practitioner. That is why this is called Yoga.

A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar 
Thinley Norbu
Shambhala Publications
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