Absolute Purification of Vajrasattva

“In the absolute sense there is nothing to be purified, no one purifying, and no act of purification. But since we cannot seem to leave it at that, the defilements and obscurations arise. In the illusory perception of our ego-clinging, we experience endless suffering. Since we feel a need for purification, we have this practice as a relative skillful means.

Vajrasattva arises from our nondual awareness, and we visualize his flowing nectar cleansing our defilements. Along with the visualization we say the hundred-syllable mantra, and at the end Vajrasattva dissolves into one’s being, so that ultimately we reach the level of rigpa. In this state there is no defilement that needs to be purified, there is no Vajrasattva who purifies, there is no hundred-syllable mantra as the means of purification. In the natural state of things, in the state of what is, everything is primordially pure like the sky. This is the absolute purification of Vajrasattva.”

“Ngondro Practice According to the Dzogchen View”
His Holiness Dudjom Rinpoche

Excerpted from Venerable Khenpo Rinpoches’ book, Illuminating The Path