You Have Obtained

HH Dudjom RinpocheHow amazing!

Listen my excellent, holy companion! You have now obtained a free and fully endowed human body, so difficult to find.
You have now met a qualified Lama, so difficult to meet.
And you have encountered tantric teachings, so hard to come in contact with.

At this time, it is important to take the first steps on the path to liberation in this life.
First, supplications imbued with irreversible faith and respect toward your Lama.
Second, pure vision and affection toward your tantric brothers and sisters.
Third, compassion and the mind of awakening toward all sentient beings.
Fourth, inspiring your mind to diligence in spiritual practice with reflection on impermanence.

These are a practitioner’s lasting wealth. Treasure them in your heart.
To realize that all phenomena of samsara and enlightenment appear in as great emptiness is the view.
To sustain a state of non-meditation and non-distraction without uncontrivance or intervention in present awareness is meditation.
For none of your actions whatsoever to be careless and to maintain harmony with the Dharma is conduct.
To have one-pointed diligence in the practice of view, meditation, and conduct as described, will lead you to the manifest accomplishment of the result during your lifetime.

I, Yeshe Dorje, who is neither a layperson nor a monk, wrote neither quickly nor slowly this so-called heart advice, which are neither true or false, and neither before nor after noon, but during the noon session break.

HH Dudjom Rinpoche Yeshe Jigdral Dorje
Wisdom Nectar
translated by Ron Garry

Tsadra Foundation