Thinley Norbu

To have the wish first to achieve liberation for oneself and then to benefit all parent sentient beings is the bodhichitta that is like a king. To strive diligently to bring oneself and all parent sentient beings to the state of liberation together, like bringing all the passengers on a ship along with oneself together across the sea, is the bodhichitta that is like a sea captain. To cherish others more than oneself, wishing first to liberate all beings from the suffering of cyclic existence, and then to attain the state of liberation oneself, like a shepherd who protects animals such as cattle and sheep from the fear of wild predators by taking care of the needs of the herd before considering himself, is the unsurpassed bodhichitta that is like a shepherd.

A Cascading Waterfall of Nectar
Thinley Noubu