As you wander aimlessly O friend!

HH Dudjom Rinpoche
As you wander aimlessly,
Or wherever you stay in unpredictable solitary places,
Pray to your Lama, receive empowerment, and merge your mind with your Lama’s mind.

In continual inseparability with your wisdom deity, the mantra, and meditative state, Conclude that samsara and enlightenment are resolved in the Great Perfection
And take uncontrived naked empty awareness as the path.

Give gifts of tormas and tantric feasts to the dakinis and protectors of the Dharma,
Make pure prayers of aspiration with compassion for beings.
Preserve your vows and tantric commitments as a pledge you make with your life.

Within a relaxed open state without physical, verbal, or mental activity,
You reach right now the citadel of Buddha Kuntu Zangpo’s wisdom mind.
Happy in this life, happy in the next, happy continually.

Practice in this easy and effective way.
Make supplications: I
t will be impossible for us to be apart!

I, Jigdral Yeshé Dorjé, spontaneously spoke this for Rikzang Dorjé as a token upon his departure.

Wisdom Nectar
translated by Ron Garry

Tsadra Foundation