Restoring Balance to Inner and Outer Elements

A repost of the wisdom nectar from our heart teacher Lama Tharchin Rinpoche. I am sharing this post because it has a very good teaching about understanding the connection between inner and outer elements and about the connection of Treasure Vases.

In the Fall of 2012, Lama Tharchin Rinpoche gave a Khandro Norlha Empowerment at Orgyen Dorje Den, Alameda. Many of you may recall that day because it was so special and full of blessings.

Here are the wisdom words of my heart teacher,

Lama Tharchin Rinpoche inviting us to that empowerment:

“I wanted to teach on restoring balance to inner and outer elements because there is so much suffering due to the current imbalance and I think that maybe some people do not understand the connection between inner and outer. The inner elements in our body (flesh, blood, heat, breath and mind) are really the same as the outer elements. Flesh = earth, blood = water, heat= fire, breath = air, and mind = space/sky. Also, all the elements exist in three cyclic existences. Above the earth = deva, under the earth = naga, on the earth = human.

“These three realms have exactly the same inner and outer elements manifesting. When any of these realms have happiness or suffering it affects the other two. And especially the human realm! Without a true belief in interconnection, there is no respect. With our narrow minds, we each make pollution in different ways, both physical and mental, that damages outer and inner elements in all realms. Earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and fires are from the same imbalances that also cause poverty in the human realm. It works both ways too. For example, when the naga water element is healed, then rain and wealth come to the human realm.

“What causes wealth is positive virtue – physical, mental, verbal. Wealth is due to causes and conditions that are based on merit. Lack of generosity decreases merit and causes poverty. Generosity increases merit and causes wealth. With this empowerment and consecration, we are creating positive karma for all of you – anyone connected with these treasure vases. Don’t think that we are taking money to misuse or take advantage. These vases and your offerings will replant root causes and conditions. What we will do with this wealth is to support the three jewels activity. With this merit and inner wealth a little effort will produce a big effect! Sometimes we can work very hard and we have no more wealth. But with the right merit and inner wealth, a little work can produce a big outer result.

“Treasure vases balance and heal the outer environment. In degenerate times beings suffer from three durukas: sickness and disease, poverty and starvation, weapons and war. Guru Rinpoche gave us these profound instructions and details on healing each realm, particularly human and naga. Each realm has a different life essence and the treasure vases contain each substance – crystal for the deva realm, turquoise for the human realm, conch for the naga realm. Each vase contains yantras, mantras and inconceivable hidden treasure substances from realized beings, from Guru Rinpoche and other ancient lamas up to the present time with our own Lord of Refuge Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche. Each vase contains mother essence medicine balls made with herbs and other blessed substances from Dudjom Rinpoche and other realized lamas. Also, these vases are extra special as the mother essence contains water from the very stream that Dungse Rinpoche opened with his own hand in Bhutan! There, people travel many miles to drink from and bathe in this stream and they are healed! It is hard to explain how special this is, especially for all of us who already have such a precious connection with Dungse Rinpoche.

“Every place you put one of these vases, whether to bury in the land or place in the water, a lake or ocean, it will heal the outer elements. If you place one on your shrine or in any clean, beautiful spot it will also balance the elements, especially those that affect inner and outer wealth. It is truly a holy object.

“I will tell you a story. I had a good experience in California some years ago during a big drought. I buried a treasure vase and then it started to rain right away. These vases truly have inconceivable power!

“Right now, there is unusual suffering, not only from physical disturbances around the world but from poverty everywhere. Even though this country is number one in the world in many ways, there is so much inner suffering and all of us are having financial struggles. I have received so much support from America and from the sangha that I want to repay this kindness. All I know in my life, and all I can offer, is dharma. I have complete faith that Guru Rinpoche manifested this century in the Dudjom father and son. My faith and devotion are unshakeable. My appreciation for this country and all of you is so great that I want to make this connection always stronger and I want to truly help all of you. I have confidence that these vases will really help – like a soothing eye drop as it goes right into the eye!

“What I am aiming to do with my life is to help spread buddha dharma teachings in the west according to my teacher’s advice. The vehicle I have always used and still use is the Vajrayana Foundation. Through this foundation, I have put my life focus. This is my life. I have no individual gain. This is for the doctrine – for all of you. Dungse Thinley Norbu Rinpoche chose to give us a connection through the Vajrayana Foundation. And this keeps going through the good fortune of our strong connection to His Holiness Yangsi Rinpoche.

“Generally speaking, to make a buddha happy you can be kind to sentient beings. In that same way, however, you can connect and support our dharma family, the Vajrayana Foundation, that makes Lama Tharchin happy! These vases will help all of us, the sangha, the Vajrayana Foundation, the Three Jewels, this country and the world in so many ways.

“Please come to this empowerment and tsok if it is at all possible. If you absolutely cannot, you can make an offering for yourself and others and through this, we will all be connected. We can read your names and on that day, as I give the empowerment and consecrate these vases, you can recite the Concise Khandro Norlha prayer and mantra and we will all be connected through prayers and pure motivation and then also everywhere these vases go into the world. We can build wisdom cause and condition together, not only for short-term material benefit for all beings but for long term enlightenment.”

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Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

Orgyen Dorje Den in Alameda


By Sonam

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