From Oneness, Infinite Immeasurable Pure Insubstantial Wisdom Mandala Manifests

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Whenever wisdom mind is not recognized, there are countless projections of countless sentient beings with dualistic mind and its habits. At the same time, within countless sentient beings’ minds, there are countless inherently born wisdom deities. If one’s own mind remains in ordinary duality, there are always the countless, ordinary phenomena of sentient beings. But if one’s own inherently born wisdom deities blossom through recognition and practice, one’s own phenomena of other sentient beings will not exist, because they are transformed through self-apotheosis to the inherent wisdom of each sentient being. When one’s own wisdom blossoms, other sentient beings’ inherently born wisdom deities blossom, since other sentient beings are one’s own phenomena. So all is fully enlightened at once into oneness, without even a single, ordinary sentient being remaining. From oneness, infinite, immeasurable, pure, insubstantial wisdom maṇḍala manifests.

– Thinley Norbu Rinpoche

White Sail: Crossing the Waves of Ocean Mind to the Serene Continent of the Triple Gems


Limited Meditation

If we really want to be sublime meditators, we should not set a time period for our meditation, as it is the modern meditator’s style. We should not count the hours or minutes because limited time makes limited meditation. Our ordering, limited gross and subtle elements’ mind cannot release itself into the sublime, limitless, secret essence of the elements if we are bound by exact time. If our mind is bound by anything, it is never vast. If we are trapped and limited by time, place and direction, how can we have Wisdom Mind confidence? How can we understand other people’s faculties and benefit other beings? How can we help limited mind with limited meditation mind.

Magic Dance: The Display of the Self-Nature
of the Five Wisdom Dakinis
~ Thinley Norbu

Guru Yoga

Guru Yoga is the method for receiving the direct blessing of the guru’s mind. There are two methods for attaining enlightenment. The first is the accumulation of merit and wisdom along with purification practices. The second is direct transmission from the guru’s mind to your mind.

Transmission really means receiving the taste of enlightenment. By analogy, when you think of a person, you get a direct feeling of that person’s qualities. These may be either positive or negative, within the limited concept of “personality”. Guru Yoga is the method for feeling and tasting the guru’s realization of ultimate wisdom. This realization is beyond personality and is always positive ~ the experience of totally faultless enlightened mind. As you experience the purity of the guru’s wisdom mind, it may appear to be coming from outside yourself. Actually, you are tasting the true nature of your own mind. Then develop and deepen this experience until you attain complete liberation. By thinking in this way, you will attain buddhahood.

A Commentary on the Dudjom Tersar Ngondro
Lama Tharchin Rinpoche