WhatsApp Connection

During our Ngondro Retreat a few years ago, one of the members of the retreat had a great idea to create a WhatsApp group for anyone practicing Ngondro. Joining the group creates a way for Ngondro practitioners to communicate with each other, offer support and encouragement, have discussions, or whatever else might come up. Joining the group is totally voluntary on your part, and might be another tool to help keep you motivated.

Here are instructions for joining the WhatsApp group:
1. Download WhatsApp in your phone's app store
2. Open the app and create an account
3. https://chat.whatsapp.com/DVDXKUfADYPB3XbWjEV2zR
This group is open to not only the Vajrayana Foundation Dudjom Ngondro Program members, but anyone working on their Ngondro.

People without smart phones can add WhatsApp on your computers:
1. Go to whatsapp.com
2. Click "Mac or Windows PC" on the homepage, 
3. Download the appropriate version on the next page
When you join please introduce yourself.