A Pure Land in Copper-Colored Woods

April 13, 2018

Though it is said that there are Buddhas and pure lands everywhere, we may not see them due to obscurations and habits. But every now and then – ever so rarely –, due to the kindness of enlightened teachers and the merit of fortunate beings who have a connection with them, pure lands manifest in more apparent forms, so that they can be experienced by people who have the capacity and inclination, rather easily. For some others, it will be a place to learn how to behave, how to love, and how to view phenomena. And perhaps for some others, it will just be an oasis to relax and rejuvenate – but a unique one nonetheless. What a comfort that there are such places on this continent!
One of these rare lands is in the midst of copper-colored woods, like a
hidden valley nestled in a mountainous region . Continue reading…