The Hundred-Syllable Mantra

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The Meaning of the Hundred-Syllable Mantra
The mantra is a prayer evoking Vajrasattva’s promise. Here are the words with their equivalent meanings.

Most highly praised,

Vajrasattva! The sacred link between us—

Guard it closely. O Vajrasattva,

May you remain firmly with me.

May you completely satisfy me.

Make me blossom fully.

May you always be loving toward me.

Bestow on me all accomplishments.

In all my actions

Make my mind most virtuous.

HUNG (The vital seed syllable of Vajrasattva.)

HA HA HA HA (Syllables indicating the four boundless attitudes, the four empowerments, the four joys, and the four bodies.)

HO (A laugh of pleasure at those.)

O Victorious, Virtuous, and Transcendent One of all the Tathagatas,

You are the diamond—do not forsake me.

Make me a diamond holder.

O great being of the commitment,

May I be inseparably united with you.

This entails performing positive actions as antidotes to negative ones. In this case, it refers to the essential points of visualizing the deity, reciting the mantra, concentrating on the negative actions and obscurations being washed away, and so on.

This is to give rise to intense remorse for the negative actions one has performed in the past—as if one had taken poison.

This is the firm resolution to refrain from negative actions in the future, even if one’s life is at stake. These last two powers are complete when at the end of reciting the mantra, one verbalizes one’s parting, in verse or as prose, with such prayers as “In ignorance and confusion . . .” Even if one cannot do this, giving rise to true regret and recognizing the fault in future wrongdoing will automatically produce the resolution to refrain. There is not one of us who has not entered the door of the Secret Mantra Vehicle. And once we have done so, if we do not subsequently keep the commitments, we will go to hell; if we do keep them, we will attain Buddhahood. There is no other destination than these two. The Secret Mantra Vehicle commitments are very subtle, numerous, and difficult to keep. Even Lord Atisha said that after he had entered the Mantra Vehicle, he committed fault after fault in rapid succession. So for us who have few antidotes, weak mindfulness, and no vigilance (we do not even know the different categories of vows, nor the point at which we break the precepts), there can be no doubt that breaches of our vows are falling on us like rain. We should therefore do the practice of Vajrasattva every day and recite the hundred syllables twenty-one times. By doing so, our downfalls will be blessed and their fully ripened effect will be prevented from growing greater. And by reciting the hundred-syllable mantra one hundred thousand times, all our downfalls will be eradicated, as the Ornament of the Essence says:

Clearly visualize Vajrasattva Enthroned on a white lotus and moon: By reciting twenty-one times The hundred syllables according to the ritual, Downfalls and the like will be blessed And therefore not grow greater. Thus the greatest accomplished beings have taught, So do this practice constantly. If you recite it one hundred thousand times, You will become the very embodiment of total purity.

Torch Lighting the Way to Freedom
Complete Instructions on the Preliminary Practice of the Profound and Secret Heart Essence of the Dakini
By Dunjom Rinpoche Jigdral Yeshe Dorje 
Translated by the Padmakara Translation Group
Shambhla Boston & London 2011

We offer these words of advise to our sangha as we remember and pray for Venerable Dhomang Gyatrul Rinpoche who entered Parivirvnan on April 8th.

As Lama Tharchin Rinpoche said, in speaking of Kyabje Thinley Norbu Rinpoche’s parinirvana:

“It is like doing one mantra on a holy day where the merit multiplies by millions. During this time, we can remember Rinpoche’s wisdom, his kindness, how much that has penetrated our mind, how our lives would be inconceivable without him … We can come together and pray, make aspiration prayers together that immediately this life has set we can be reborn in the Pureland, that we can practice together and attain fully enlightened Buddhahood always together. Then we don’t have any separation, from life to life.”  

See Orgyen Dorje Den for Parinirvana of Venerable Dhomang Gyatrul Rinpoche Puja Schedule and Swift Rebirth Prayer


essence of refuge


The essence of the refuge practice is unshakable, unchangeable faith and devotion. Without this kind of faith and trust, your mind cannot open. When your mind opens, it becomes soft and receptive. Buddha’s compassion is like a hook which catches the ring of your faith and devotion. Without faith, there can be no real connection to dharma ~ not blind faith, but rather intelligent faith, free from any doubt or confusion because dharma is pure and faultless, Buddha’s mind is like the sun shining on a snow-covered mountain. With devotion, the rays of your faith can melt the snow of Buddha’s nectar of blessing. 

~  Lama Tharchin Rinpoche
Ngondro Commentary
© 2000 by Bero Jeydren Publications

tavish refuge 1
Refuge Ceremony ~ Tavish Nink with Lama Tharchin Rinpoche

photo source: Sonam  Famarin
with permission to post by Tavish Nink

Join Lama Sonam Tsering Rinpoche November 5th, 2020 10:30 am – 12:30 pm Pacific to receive the Dudjom Tersar Ngondro Lung (Oral Transmission) and series of Ngondro Teachings on the Preliminary Practices beginning with Refuge.

Visit the Vajrayana Foundation website at to receive the livestream link.


Beginningless Wisdom of Buddhas

The beginningless wisdom of Buddhas is not ordinary beings’ wisdom. When the state of full enlightenment is reached, there is no name of worldliness. One cannot only conceptualize this. Fully enlightened Buddhahood is full wisdom and full wisdom activity. Buddhas’ mind is wisdom, but Buddhas such as Guru Rinpoche and many others emanate in samsara to benefit beings. Buddhas teach faith, meditation, and realization, manifesting in the state of impure worldly wisdom to guide others, but the mind is fully enlightened Buddhahood. This wisdom excels beyond samsara, but is performing in samsara. Buddha Shakyamuni manifested in samsara in order to guide beings by showing a history and an order of stages of how to enlighten, but Buddha does not have any conception of order. If there is no conception, there is no stage. When Buddhas emanate, they have to emanate according to beings’ phenomena, showing histories to other beings, such as that of Buddha Shakyamuni learning, studying, and enduring hardship for six years so others can follow the example of these histories and open Buddha nature through practice, as Buddha taught according to Mahayana, until finally reaching the fully enlightened state in which there is no fixation of time, place, or direction, where all Buddhas abide. So, Buddhas manifest within pure worldly wisdom. Full enlightenment has no pure worldly wisdom, but the fully enlightened can still manifest anything, whether in male or female form or as any kind of being, in any world or realm, while their mind is fully enlightened. This way of excelling is not like stone; it does not appear and just remain as it is. Whatever excels does not stay in one state. Whatever is shown is like magic and will change miraculously. That is why whatever manifests cannot be made a certain way.

Cascading Waterfall of Nectar
Thinley Norbu

Photographer unknown
In this photo Tulku Jamyang Rinpoche

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