Sign of Practice

Peaceful self-control: the sign of one who’s heard the teachings!
Few defiled emotions are the mark of one who meditates.
Harmony with others is the sign of one who practices.
A blissful heart is witness to accomplishment.
The root of Dharma is your very mind.
Tame it and you’re practicing the Dharma.
To practice Dharma is to tame your mind ~
And when you tame it, then you will be free!
Dudjom Rinpoche
Counsels from My Heart

When you have a human body so difficult to achieve

Alas!  Listen, intelligent woman!

When you have a human body so difficult to achieve,
Do not get involved in many distractions and busy-ness:
Achieve your lasting goals.

In whatever virtue you accomplish, great or small, Three stages-preparation, main practice, and conclusion-must must be complete.
At all times, compassionately accomplish whatever you can to help others.

To recognize samsara and enlightenment as great emptiness
And one’s own unformulated awareness as primordial wisdom:
These are the sovereign view.

To settle in this view evenly within the natural state is meditation.

Not to allow your actions and behavior to slip into carelessness
And to align them with the Dharma is the supreme form of conduct.
Place these instructions in the center of your heart.

I, Vajra Jnana, wrote this in response to Vakapasham’s request.

Wisdom Nectar: Dudjom Rinpoche’s Heart Advice
translated by Ron Garry
© Tsadra Foundation, 2005
Photo Source: unknown

An Aspiration to the Great Perfection

May we gain conviction in the view wherein samsara and nirvana are the same.

May we have consummate skill in meditation, a natural flow unaltered, uncontrived.

May we bring our action to perfection, a natural, unintended, spontaneity.

May we find the dharmakaya, beyond all gaining and rejection.

Paris, 1976


Counsel of my Heart
Dudjom RInpoche
Photo Source: unknown

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